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Association and this station. I'll never make it to my meeting across town good-looking drive on I twenty five you're pushing the speed limit. Maybe I will make get where you're going on time with traffic updates every ten minutes in the morning. It's Colorado's morning news tomorrow at five on KOA, NewsRadio KOA. News radio. Iheartradio station. KOA NewsRadio time is seven thirty. Good evening. I'm Roger Cornel Bah, marijuana bust worth four to five million dollars in rural Montrose county in southwestern Colorado sheriff's spokeswoman Katie Urinson says a deputy found the pot while he was delivering a warrant for a past due property tax. She says he found suspect marijuana growing on the Lam by one house and on the front porch of the other between the two properties. There was about an estimated fifteen hundred pounds of suspected marijuana. Jurgensen says deputies also see several grow lamps air. Vance fans fifteen hundred dollars in cash also two vehicles three men were arrested and were being held on sixty thousand dollars bond. Thornton fire department aggressively attacked and extinguished a structure fire this evening on Saint Paul circle. One party was rescued and transported. No word on that person's condition. A three alarm fire in the San Francisco. High rise is pumping thick. Black smoke into the evening sky evening fire. Crews say the place is believed to be on the twelfth floor of the apartment building on Davis street, Bronco wide receiver. Damaris Thomas talked about the rumors that he may be traded. That's a.

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