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Let's start the show. All right, so tell us who you are and what you do. Hello. I'm oliveri Nelson junior. I'm a studio director at strange scaffold, a frequent writer narrative designer collaborator working on dozens of things I've worked in over 60 games in the past 5 years and now my current mission is not just finding new and exciting ways to collaborate with people in my own studio and at the studios and projects of others, but also finding ways to advocate for making games better, faster, cheaper and healthier than they are currently assumed to be made. How has 2021 been for you? Have you learned anything about yourself over the past year? I think one of the primary things I learned over the past year is just how much I cared about production, I do love telling stories. I do love putting things into a video game. I love creative content production. Writing a killer page or scene is a thrilling experience. But when I look at the things that consistently get me out of bed in the morning that may be passionate about waking up and getting to work and collaborating with other people. Getting into the nitty Gritty of how something comes together, the scope of a project, defining, reducing and defining that vision of a project and how it's accomplished and very calculated ways. The exercise of finding new and interesting formats in arrangements for artists coming together to build things together. That makes me feel alive. And so exploring those paths myself sharing what I find along the way and as much as I can opening those doors for others is something that I've discovered. I love so now my mission is finding ways to do that. Again and again and again. That's consistently in healthily as possible..

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