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Mentioned yet or WANNA double down on. Double Down on but you know I've said this before so Right now. Nobody really knows WHO's at the provincial command table are there any doctors there? Are there any experts there who's actually making decisions and wire they're making the decision and there must be people at that table who do not feel that what's going on his right things? Who thinks that there's inconsistency between the policies that are announced what's actually happening on the ground? The discussions behind closed doors now's the time to be the whistleblower to stand up to be the hero to not be worried about fear of retribution on whether or not. You're going to get the promotion but to say that this isn't right and I also would encourage the premier to. Stop listening to you what I have to say on the news or what other I'm alone call myself. An expert would other experts say and bring us in to your inner circle we want to help we want the government to succeed and continuing to ignore scientists and experts will only make it less likely you're going to get reelected. So if that's the motivation and bring people in because there are lots of people want to help. Dr Warner, thank you as always for your time today. I hope we talk down the road about how we successfully beat this wave back. Thank you take care. Dr Michael Warner of Michael, Garron Hospital. That was the big story for more from US head to the big story podcast dot ca you can find all Dr Warner's previous episodes by searching his name at the bottom of the page. You can also talk to us on twitter at the Big Story F. P. and we will tag Dr Warner. So you can follow him directly. You can also find us in your favorite podcast player Apple Google. Stitcher spotify doesn't matter. You can email us. We're at the big story podcast all one word at RCI DOT ROGERS DOT COM. Thanks for listening stay safe. I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings. We'll talk tomorrow..

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