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Yeah great down now. Very few artists have an opportunity to participate in show that actually deals with real world life issues with snowfall does with the crack. Pedantic in la how does that make you feel as an artist of having an opportunity to actually do something that that reflects on basically american history. Our feels great. You know and that was key in me taking the role you know because when i i you know we all all being excited and going down i. I wasn't sure you know i. I didn't know these people these creators. I just knew that they were hollywood calling. We know how Are people are are presented in hollywood and and how we're portrayed in the media and in the storytelling is I would like do. I wanna be a part of the show them away. You know drugs and bright people in drugs and i just wasn't sure and I did a deep dive in louis and to get a better understanding of who she was and how she got to where she using where she was and what i discovered was that you know she you know was abused and underestimated told no and i just loved her so much and i really wanted her to win and i wanted to protect her and i wanted to bring her humanity to the screen and and i and i just didn't know if i thought if i say no i don't know who they're going to give it to and what if they don't do her right but what if she ends up being a stereotype and so so yes to protect louis and then when i got there that's when i realized oh we're telling the truth here it is everybody's intention to bring the humanity the truth of the story and the humanity of the characters to screen you know and i just feel so grateful and so honored to be among those a my among that number were there particular shootings or screen does far that you had difficult in a shooting. You i mean louis opening scenes with hard. Because you know. I'm not a fighter off. I had it was really the beginning of me. Really understanding the difference between louis and myself and you know just having him let go of some of my Love you know Lose definitely was not leading with love. And that moment. And i had to get free you know. Give free and meg go of of my Compassion and you know just step out of that for a moment in order to to really sell that moment. Another difficult moment what you know what they any moments where louis is really expressive really Pissed off or really going for what she knows. It's hurt or what she thinks is right Those are are more challenging for me. Because i tend to go about things a little differently and for better or worse i tend to not always speak up and so i'm i'm learning from the we you know to be up and and What i appreciate about louis. And i actually think we have in common is very strategic so Yeah but it's those moments where she's and and and and really going for her Tend to struggle with it on the stand before i let you go up. Miss lewis tells about this journey would motherhood. Obviously you're working. And how you mixing the two navigating ness base. Yeah i'm really discharging to stay in the moment and taking it one step at a time. Because that's all i can do Both my career and my role as mom and whites all You know are very demanding. And i always imagined that i would be juggling. Those three things And so it is a joyous challenge But it is a challenge and you know. I'm not perfect and i'm not trying to be perfect so i just really try to I really try to be in the moment you. And how do you come up with your daughter's name brooklyn that is a. It's a multi layered thing so One of my earpods just die so let me. Just make sure that i have you on. Okay there we got still got you okay. Great so i My husband's mom passed away in two thousand and eight and her name was lane. The art comes from her name. My husband and i both The beginnings of our a love story will it actually started in la hoya but we lived in brooklyn for many years. And so there's that car and so very fond memory brooklyn And then fun. Fact is brooklyn the borough of brooklyn's Area code seven. One eight. Which happens to be my husband's birthday and so it's just working on ellen. Whole level commerce angela Watch this everybody wants to show check me out on instagram and twitter at love angela. Lewis l l. uv and lewis. And that's it brad. Love yeah and you louis. Costa of ethics is serious snowfall. If you have questions comments off digestion asked you future in black america programs. Email us at in black. America and k. u. t. dot. Org also. let us know what radio station you heard is over. Don't forget to squad to our podcast and follow us on facebook and twitter. You're gonna previous programs online k. U. t. dot. Org also you can listen to special collection of in black america programs at american archive up public broadcasting. That's american archives dot. Org the views and opinions expressed on. This program are not necessarily those of this station or of university of texas at austin until via the opportunity. Again for technical. Producer david alvarez. I'm john johansen junior. Thank you for joining us today. Please join us again next week. Cd copies.

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