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Who knows what they don't know so because those two characteristics is a lot of plus model false advice a lot of advice that relates to the person giving it but might not relate someone else yes understand that a lot of people would think that because of certain things that successful they forget the power of luck and there's a lot of books about his they forget extra analogies that might have led to the success that didn't know or they're not miss certain things that led them to being successful so they assume they succeeded to one reason. Giving this advice as hey this is the reason succeed but it could misleading or could be a small piece of a much bigger puzzle. So that's been a big faithful me. I've just not really finding it. But just something. I'm i'm talking a lot about is that he's be careful. You're listening to many people getting closer to my son. I love that. And you know one thing that i really respect about gary chalk is he loves saying that. Hey i'm only great in really knowledgeable about two or three things like that's it and i talk about those things over and over and over again so yeah i'm repeating myself all the time like i admit i'm repeating myself because these are the things that i know to be true and everything else is outside of my lane i just. I don't know that by the way is a very freeing notion fire nation. Like nobody's going to expect you or should expect you to know everything about everything because hey you don't want to be good at everything. But he master of none like you wanna be a master at one. Amazing thing and that bruce lee quotes..

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