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To you by new america pool in huntington beach say they're worried about a mystery dust that is covered the neighborhood people say they're worried about the health impact of the myths that is covered cars had kept solar panel from doing their job great to complain about your cars and the plants in the fuller panels that would be breathing neighbors next to the landfill say they want tests done on the dust we just want some answers we just wanna know you know what they're doing wednesday it's going to stop the dust has been coming from work at the old landfill to cap a couple of oil wells andrew moment back kfi news vicepresident pence has met with republicans to push for the latest try at a healthcare overhaul they'll co authored by senator lindsey graham needs fifty votes plus pence's tiebreaker and it needs those votes by month's end durrell senate rules may be even more votes would be needed now another bill to repeal the law known as obamacare fell just one fort show boat short the this summer the new plan would use a block grant system that means the feds what hand out healthcare money and let each state decide many of its own policies delhi city council has started looking for funding for a planned see keep more choppers flying councilman bob blumenfeld says that the council is searching for consolidating some of the fleet maintenance between the police the fire and the dwb there is a a need for one or the other to be able to help supplement each other that we want to make that happen we wanna make that easy we are one city and while we have different departments with different needs we need to be as coordinated as we can bloomfield says that the council is looking for funding to buy a fifth helicopter for the fire department he says the council also wants to march opera mechanics to be hired and a year five thousand seven hundred seventy eight is almost here the jewish new year will be celebrated during the holiday of russia sean as starting at sundown rosh hashana has been seen as a time of reflection and new beginnings the laugh factory on sunset in hollywood will be holding its thirty four th end ual free high holy days service tomorrow morning traffic.

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