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The but he's not good it those are key good point is he's not good at it george as anymore here now tool for fifth all i know who's worth there he we want for two s for his last loosely asia short all just they'll make your right no it makes it right because i'm right george all i know is he brought it up yesterday on his little top ten lives key let me ask you a question on good trip infringement any rope and he's wrong scores cob day albany hit yesterday in this are running that he went out there and he hit a shot to send them in overtime that's all them and then what happened only at each end of the double overtime take the shot in double overtime he steel hit the shot to take him in overtime solemn saint deaths at still take a memo brother let me ask you this queue if you had a chance to catch a gamewinning touchdown and what if you only caught two of your last fifteen did they probably not gonna go to me that's not true there are still going to go you because your cash donald johnson up early go get cut richard leakey chargeurs if you can drop in order to crucial situation he used by the way way he used to be doing way still that do man it will be we've got you can't compare his shots the market drop there's that is offers while there there's not as minute the frequency isn't necessarily he say me that he still that do george miami obviously feels that way otherwise he wouldn't have the ball at situation boiled not once but twice okay can i speak for one second came ups years old.

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