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In team history the last night of Bosnians give all the main goal her mind he's been their best starters or even one law standpoint monitor the thirteen and to pitch to the sixth inning struck out nine yank salvage the game of the red Sox nine to six to run numbers roster Romijn and V. DiGregorio national a couple of grand slams what would the manager for nothing into the second deck almost into the third moreover listen to the club plans at Miller park radio had it that was in the second inning and then on the fourth survivor former hit a three run Homer so seven RBIs the first two at bats gloves avoided the sweet they want to Milwaukee eleven to four meanwhile in Philadelphia that in the pay off **** Selena drive we deliver the big hit these radio they had for a home run back here in no went to nine into they avoid getting swept the B. that lance a nine to four Brooks kept good top five in all four majors this year yesterday he won the Saint Jude in Memphis by three shots and play the final group of Rory McElroy captain shot sixty five and McElroy a day after sixty to seventy one Egon Bernal won the tort of fraud first ever wonder from Columbia Denny Hamlin Askar race at Pocono on a world record set in the four hundred meter hurdles by New York City native NBC sports radio what makes Mike Florio B. X. where you're about to find out what Gloria on NBC sports radio all we are back it has been a long four weeks but the hiatuses over PFT live the football only version of the program thanks to John stash our stats for holding down talking about presumably other sports because let me tell you as slow periods go this year's smoke period was the slowest I remember but the slow period is over any it ends quickly all the training camps are open news constantly flowing and we're coming back at the perfect time to get you up to speed on everything this happened after the draft may and June require a lot of work a lot of effort to squeeze three hours of content out of the other of football by late July the challenge is figuring out how best prioritize and selecting trim down all the stuff that's out there is so much to talk about and we'll be doing that for the next three hours two of which will be on NBCSN toward a false is over so we are back there as well from seven to nine AM eastern with those two hours then re aired it is kind of a confusing thing that even four weeks off has prevented me from understand it's really not that confusing the radio shows on six to nine then re airs the TV simulcasted on seven nine and those two hours the final two hours the radio show re air weather radio shares are re airing from scratch on radio I've already confused myself living if using about the hold outs in the NFL we're gonna start there we saw a couple of them coming the Ezekiel Elliott hold out popped up over the last two weeks I was first told fourteen days ago that he was telling people privately he was going to hold out which was number one a surprise for the cowboys in number two a source of great frustration and anger for cowboys fans who derided in ridicule the report until he didn't hold very did hold out and then everybody kind of got quiet about it but the reality is Ezekiel Elliott trying to exert leverage over the Dallas Cowboys to get his second contract and is something Sims and I have been saying for all of the off season Ezekiel Elliott by rule was not eligible for a new contract until after his third regular season in the NFL ended then the window opened and instead of waiting for a fourth year or a fifty year to go by and his skills to potentially diminishes health to potentially not be what it currently is his value to the team to possibly not be as great as it is at this moment LA is taking a stand and it's smart for him to do it he's the straw if you will that stirs our drink is what Stephen Jones said on the PFT PM podcast back in may the straw if you will that stirs our drink now I think he said that at the time because they use an aura he showed up for the offseason program and I remember when he showed up for the offseason program Sims and I talked about it and I said that doesn't mean he showed up for training camp you get them thinking everything's fine everything's fine everything's fine and all of a sudden say you know what I'm not coming to training camp less payment and so far the report over the weekend was that the cowboys have made an offer and they're waiting for Ellie it's camp to respond to it which yeah at some point you've got who'd cage unless they're hoping the cowboys bid against themselves maybe it's an indication the offer isn't that good if you don't respond to it because the cowboys the ones who are feeling the urgency now in theory and this goes back to nineteen ninety three Emmitt Smith member held out into the regular season missed two games they lost them both the cave don Smith he came back to win the Superbowl became the first team in league history to win a Super Bowl after starting into so Elliott putting the screws on the cowboys at a time when they thought he was third in line he is trying to force his way to the front of the line jumping over dak Prescott Amari Cooper and do they keep all three of these guys Amari Cooper seems to be content as he should be to make thirteen million plus this year any to get franchise tagged hit the open market next season dak Prescott seem to be content to make two million this year plus whatever he makes off the field endorsements more than what he makes playing football and in the franchise tag next year twenty five million plus or sign a long term deal alley it's the one who's not content to wait any shouldn't because he's the one who skills potentially are going to get chewed up Todd Gurley is the primary factor for both sides in this one the cowboys don't wanna Paley it because of Todd Gurley and now you want to get paid because of Todd Gurley because girly got a huge contract last year from the Ramsey had the arthritic issue with his knee all season long and now the rams I guarantee you would not give barely that same contract they would not do it they regret it they would never say that but barely would not get the deal he got a year ago right now no way and that's what I always try to avoid the cowboys not being willing to give him anything close to what they would do now twelve months now Melvin Gordon in the fifth year of his rookie contract he ended up drawing the line in the sand as we knew his campaign very openly they called their shot they were talking to anybody who would listen about Gordon holding out Gordon situation is different though this is something I spent a lot of time talking about the past few weeks when we did the PFT PM podcast Ezekiel Elliott is special at any given moment there is a small handful of truly special running backs in the NFL right now I see it as Ezekiel Elliott Christian McCaffrey sick one Barkley Melvin Gordon is not a special running back Melvin Gordon is easily replaceable Philip rivers had some comments on Friday we love Melvin Melvin but we're gonna go with the guys we have we're deep at the position by the Chargers fans want to plug their ears and yell they're not listening because the implication of Philip rivers getting between Melvin Gordon and his money but that's what he did it's better to say nothing at all and if it was any other quarterback lady been ripped all weekend long it would be an infinite loop if it would have been Aaron Rodgers if the Packers had a running back it was good enough to actually hold out if it was dak Prescott if it was any other team any other quarterback Ben Roethlisberger can you imagine what the reaction would have been if Roethlisberger would going on his radio show the so may do this year if you said last year about lady on bell we love levy on but we're gonna go with what we have people lost their minds now Philip rivers that have a history of doing that stuff so you gonna get a pass for the first one but it was it was peculiar to say the least and now hold are going for the reserve board over the weekend that there two to three million dollars a part per year that's a lot of money on a four year extension that's eight to twelve million dollars I had to do the math there pretty quickly eight to twelve million dollars that's that's called the only two to three million apparel Jeez well at least it's not for five million so I guess that's good news Michael Thomas still holding out a saints camp now there were some rumblings that they may trade him I was told that there's nothing to that and they're close well you know what close and done are two different things and my sense as of Friday was Thomas wants twenty million a year in new money the saints are willing to pay nineteen on a five year extension it's a hundred million versus ninety five million but still it's five million dollars and I'm surprised the saints haven't caved on this because the salary cap keeps going up and up and up and if you're talking about a five year extension in we've seen multiple guys Sonny's five year extension of Kevin buyer did one last week is AB and Howard did one several weeks ago you have five year extension commit through twenty twenty four you can I you're potentially missed the boat on some spikes in the salary cap and some spikes in the market and by twenty twenty to twenty twenty took three you're gonna be saying why are all these guys making more money than me yeah I can got away Jaguars defense and probably the quietest hold out because nobody seems to care about the Jaguars because a surprising number of people think they're gonna be bad like they were last year I don't they'll be even better if they get in doc way into the fold he's entering the fourth year of his contract and he wants to be paid like guys who finish their rookie contracts in twenty nineteen D. for Frank Clark the market's Lawrence we'll see if the Jaguars K. remember August six is the key date here for a guy who has three years of service who is entering the final year of his contract that mean anything for Ezekiel Elliott they're like cowboys fans who think he's gonna K. by August sixth August six matters more because if you don't show up by August six.

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