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Seven FM for those who need it hi Lisa listen Arraf fox news president trump is signing a measure that would help those feeling the economic impact of the corona virus pandemic but it is far from the final word Senate Republicans are meeting on a far more expansive and expensive stimulus package to respond to the financial fallout of the pandemic however we work this out we're all talking about ideas to get make sure that we get money into the hands of people who need it that includes in particular people who become unemployed Utah Republican Mitt Romney supports thousand dollar direct payments to American households other lawmakers point to extended unemployment benefits all told the package could total a trillion dollar tax chart helper and the number of confirmed cases over two hundred thousand worldwide with more than eighty five hundred in the U. S. China's health ministry says the virus epicenter of war Han and surrounding who bay province I reported no new cases California's governor Gavin Newsom with some startling news about the number of people who could become infected over the next few weeks we have modeled that of the hundred eight thousand unsheltered Californians that are out on the streets if you had an attack great of about fifty six percent you're looking at sixty plus thousand individuals that may have covert nineteen staff members who work while sick at multiple long term care facilities contributed to the spread of the virus among the vulnerable elderly in the Seattle area that's according to the centers for disease control and prevention thirty five corona virus deaths have been linked to life care center in Kirkland public health authorities there is surveyed long term care facilities in the area they found they didn't have enough personal protective equipment or other items such as alcohol based hand sanitizer the big three automakers shutting down production for at least two weeks due to the virus America is listening on New this news brought to you by Hedgecock dental newsradio kale BJ on John Julian topping Austin's news also public health has eleven new drive thru coronavirus testing sites and one thousand new testing kits to go through but also drives got a health official Dr Jason Pickett says people should not just show up out of the blue we do have to be screened we have a limited number of tests are available to us in this area and we have to apply those test far fully to folks who are at higher risk for complications from the disease for folks who have a high risk of spreading the disease as restaurants were forced to close across the state the Texas restaurant association is sounding the alarm that the impacts will be incredibly large in Austin some say having to wait till may first for any new developments will make planning ahead nearly impossible and amid a shortage of hand sanitizers and masks the shelters are working to prevent any spread.

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