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Radio. Wanna kiss? I just love. John legend's voice Patel us. Why you pick this one? You know, we've talked about this for several years about the factors. Not a lot of great new Christmas. This is fabulous. This is a guy who he's an is an extrordinary entertainer, obviously. Because the guy has walked away with an Oscar, and Tony an EMMY and just phenomenal. And he did his homework on this. He put his whole passion into this and loved how billboard reviewed is saying aiming for the sweet spot between borough lives and James Brown and understanding that John legend was a fan of net king, Cole's Christmas music. And so when you can when you can do that when you can use that as a foundation to build on moving forward with music. I I am so excited about this album and six original songs. I think eight covers just terrific. Okay. The next one that you brought us more of a classic by gene. Autry. I think rather than tell you the name. Let's just play, you know, dash and dancer and France. And. Com. Hupa Dom and blitz but do call. Famous. Reindeer of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had their shine in os, and you ever. So you would even say I feel like I've heard this a million times. But tell us tell us about this one in the story behind the song. Okay. This was this was a McCumber reward promotional piece written by a guy by the name of Robert may in nineteen thirty nine and Montgomery ward. Over about eight or nine year period distributed about seven million copies of the Rudolph. The red nosed reindeer story. Tim Montgomery ward customers will Robert Mays brother-in-law just happened to be songwriter. Johnny marks who took that story set it to music and winter, gene, Autry and said, you got to record his gene Autry wanted nothing to do with this, really. It was gene on. Tris wife who convinced him. Hey, I think this is a nice song in your fans will like it. Yeah. It to the point that it's one of the best selling Christmas songs of all time in the history of MU. And what do you think it is about gene, Autry voice that worked? So. Well. That's a great question. I I've always been a fan of gene on trees, you go back to look at his TV show. And the guy was just such a cool friendly guy in his later years, especially as the owner of a lot of broadcast properties and of the California Angels. But this is the amazing thing about the legs of this song today. Here's a nineteen forty nine mono recording that this week on the billboard hot one hundred is number twenty seven on the same chart that areana 'Grande has the number one song, this we okay? The next one. You brought us is where are you Christmas? This is by henna tonics. Us. Now. Although sounds you're hearing they're making with their mouths, right? That is correct. This is their third Christmas, and they have ventured down into some directions. I mean doing Schakowsky Walser the flowers from nutcracker making Christmas from Tim Burton's nightmare before Christmas. These guys are extraordinarily. I was so sad. They were in champagne at state farm center. And I had another speaking agent at night and could not go see them perform, I add that is one of the things. I am going to do. This year is go see him perform because this is just like John legend. We talked earlier, you know, this is the new generation that I think is going to be able to crank some great passionate Christian music in the decades to come okay for the ninety nine percent of our listeners outside the pain area. The state farm center is a huge mushroom arena that used to be called the assembly hall, and I still call it the semi hall. Well, I know that's not the way of the future. Now is everything's got a corporate sponsor behind it. That is exactly right. They did. I gotta tell you the the university of Illinois did an extraordinary job of taking this icon, ick architectural and turning. It into a terrific arena. All right. Well, now back to the Christmas music and the next one you brought us is one by somebody who has really started to define the modern Christmas song. And that is Michael boo. Play. This is it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas hits dig into the. Chris month. Go. Take a look at the five and ten explicit once again with candy canes and silver lanes that glue. Beginning to the leg smooth. Ties every store. But the prettiest sight to see is the holiday that will be on your. Run. He just has the perfect voice for this stuff..

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