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If if from this for example your mystery novels yes if your mystery novels would you enjoy listening to an audio form if they were and I'll ask you R. J. voiced with the characters or is it just one straight voice from the vet that would have brought me into listening maybe maybe become a audio book guy waves if the characters were then Mister Smith walked in and thought to himself hello I am soo scared right now if you meet the future and that's for you it is that it yes that's all the audio book is is red it's both I've had both sides listen to someone you have not a cast of voices but there seems like there may be two voices and sometimes as if the drama but more often than not it's one voice one act and it's not the after making voices so I'm not having this conversation and then all of a sudden I came up with that tie your beads it's more of a of a new wants it's all the you know I'm narrating and then you understand I'm now the voice of market anyone understand the now the Scott is in a room right so some so there are audio books where the voice can make me not enjoy the experience because accidents are trying too hard or too easy we just have our preferences so yes there have been books I've bailed on because I didn't like them the sound or the way that the voice actor was delivering it didn't do it for me so you're definitely about it to jump ship on those see I've always operated under the premise that it's the same voice on these books on tape it's the same voice and it's just kind of narrating the whole thing and there's no change of vocal inflection to which I'd go I I would I would fall to sleep I would need that change invoice I would need maybe different character voices too and it doesn't really subtle sold this one that are great they know that they're telling a really strong story and you it's surprising the same the same voice in his new wants and away we won't feel like it's being drowned three hundred pages worth of narrative to you what's the best book you've ever read or listen to as it were I mean it is there one of the top of the list hands down room room so the story of the kick it was a book first yes we we can but right it was great it was great so when you and that did have multiple voices you had a child wax well no action an actual child but you have the voice to tell the voice of the of the adult so that gives you that that I mean but it was suspenseful yes the story itself was great but the voice the way they treat the voices was fantastic so there was like I was acting vocal acting through that sorry but not like a movie acting so it's not the same intensity of of a lot of dramatics because if you think about being in a in a just a conversation with someone and they're trying really hard to be funny or they're going out of their way to sound Sattar sincere acting on them an audio book sounds that way by someone who's trying to hard to tell the story too hard and it's annoying so there are you know anything there folks into a well and folks that should have just thought about doing this but there are really subtle ways that you can work the voice and get people looked into a story and they'll take you there because if you're not already reading books if you're not already to physically turning pages this is the time to fill your time with some other things but it didn't get me wrong I want to binge out on that show because there but how what else can you do for for your brain for your soul for your time are you gonna are you are the person can you make something do you have a good time to to play it is important to keep your mind active what however old you are the young the everybody but you gotta keep your mind active you want with the mind this year you're such a very creative person and do you think you think can you come from a place that I don't so I I I'm really intrigued by how you go about it's not just your everyday life pre coronavirus but how you know will go about keeping your mind active in and in that realm and I'd I'd I'd be I'm curious to tap into that because I sure as heck one time on my hands thank you making claims pins and stuff clay polymer clay so this little car in this is not anything I do regularly so I don't have a little blue so that I. van that I'll have a little short I don't have little pay don't exceed you know someone's pens but I learned to what twenty vents and learn to do this craft a couple years ago and this is what I found myself needing into sky havoc clay at home so I take polymer clay wrapped around a big pen you take the in part out before you put in the oven which was a key because I I didn't explode before even people of financial scribbling and doodling stand when reading reading books so you wouldn't typically read writing poems and you're not typically a poet people are finding you finding myself spending more time outside so I've always but for me I've always been a crafty artsy what can I make out of the scraps that are here person so that's always been the he said the kid the person that I was but there are so many other different ways to fill our time that was number five on the list by the way making polymer can't cancel Bob okay please write poetry yes and it will then have time April by the way people's national poetry month end Scott I am the city poet laureate so I am pulling for the city of Milwaukee I am also definitely gonna being courteous is your mark it will be in your month it will be my bit my month another reason for us to get over this and be able to go out about second thank you we'll wrap things up in just a moment she is the poet laureate I'm merely Scott wars biggest stories.

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