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Learn more at exergen dot com Ten 48 Traffic and weather on the Yates Rita Kessler is in the WTF traffic center Something to watch out for throughout the area are cruise pretreating the roadways in advance of anything that may fall tomorrow We already have reports of a crew on southbound 95 in the area of two 12 moving along the left side of the roadway but you may find them throughout the area as they've been doing it all morning long Now we do also have work zone set up on the beltway inter loop college park delays approaching and passing route one in college park the work in the right lane Outer loop a little heavy passing New Hampshire avenue that work was supposed to be in the right lane And northbound two 70 in the local lanes There's two work zones After montrose road along the left side before shady grove road along the right side also westbound span of the bay bridge the left lane three is blocked with the work eastbound both of your lanes are open In the hyattsville area westbound queens chapel row between Hamilton street and chillin road just one left lane getting by that work on the beltway in Virginia the inner loop of the bellway is slow near gallows road trying to head towards 66 It was after route 50 the right lane is blocked with the work Westbound on 66 after one 23 the right lane is bought with the work We did have the issue on southbound route one before Southgate drive near Beacon center This was a traffic sign that fell into the roadway It was along the left side Route 7 year cascades Parkway was a report of a wreck We have the closures in the district for the demonstrations that continue that are continuing throughout the morning and the afternoon This is going to be around The White House around union station around the capitol so these closures include 17th and 18th streets between constitution and H street independence between 5th and third Massachusetts near fourth near Stanton park and Pennsylvania avenue near fourth street also keep an eye out in that third street tunnel earlier We did have the northbound ramp to sea street and the U.S. capitol blocked as well This report sponsored by Oracle cloud U.S. war fighters count on Oracle cloud for mission success Find out more at Oracle dot com slash DoD I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Storm team four is Lauren ricketts Lauren Lauren Lauren It's called out there It is I mean yesterday we hit 70° at 6 58 p.m. So yeah we.

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