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Now for more than 240 years, the system of governance, governance and that's been the envy of the world. We continue to feel Senator, I will continue to feel very good about where things stand. Tonight. Koga will have a special election special coming up at eight. And of course, we have several races in San Diego County. And both candidates vying for the seat in the second District on the county Board of Supervisors continue to wait patiently for the final votes. How a mayor Steve Boss likes having a more than 1200 vote lead at the moment over his opponent and fellow Republican Joel Anderson. Anderson told the UT he trusts East County will make the best choice between the two candidates, while Voss says there are still plenty of votes to be counted. Second district represents cities like Alka Hone La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Santy and Pao Away, as well as other communities and Indian reservations, either Voss or Anderson will replace current county Supervisor Dianne Jacob Dan Noone KOGO news coronavirus case is increasing in just about every state, and they are consuming the nation's supply of personal protective equipment. As we hear from Carmen Roberts, manufacturers and health officials say face masks are in short supply again. As covert cases surge and states try to stockpile supplies of the critical in 95 masks and other protective gear. The Wall Street Journal reports that while the national supply of protective Gear has improved since the pandemic began Levels at some health care facilities remain well below what regulators recommend this as some health care centers, ration supplies and even reuse them. Today's closing Bell brought to you by First Republic Bank of San Diego Company does well a stocks and higher for the fourth straight day, extending election week gains. Here's Geri Willis stocks jumping Thursday on track for their sharpest weekly gain since April as investors cheered the diminished prospects of higher corporate taxes under a split Congress. The S and P. 500 Rose 1.9%, a day after it launched its biggest one day a man since June. The index has climbed 7.4% so far this week, The Dow Jones industrial average rose 543 points or 2%, bearing an earlier gain of 650 points. Tech shares leading the way the NASDAQ up 2.6% winners today, including chip maker Qualcomm, which was up more than 13% after beating Wall Street expectations for earnings. Koba News time 203. Let's check your real time Traffic from the helpful San Diego Honda Dealers Traffic Center on accident West before wearing now clear everything's back up to speed. Another one just reported West 94.

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