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It okay so what did you do under and pearman showing for directory i'm sorry what about direct targeted what what is there to compete in may tom brady doing okay and peyton manning schilling for direct hearing on the war orcas directing it out there while but if you debt directtv tv to my knowledge chris like you can turn it on and it works right this stuff doesn't it really work not all the time now the tests will have peyton manning was the spokesman for like expanded he would that make you feel better if it still an awful company what the different because the differences that if you buy direct tv advertising it's linked up to now chris chris that's a dumb comparison if you buy direct tv it works you put it on you get the taliban you get the tv this stuff if you are by the infrared sleep where if you buy all of his if you bought because you say it doesn't work so what your word without as where nobody says how many how many people stick their head from and dominic and so i two years ago and my word chris it's scientists will step how many people air they a i agree it's you working for brady but he lied he said he has no soldier paint since 04 is put on the injury list with a shoulder injury one hundred sixteen times in his career if you knew anything they put him on it and report ferber devin straight years of probable with a shoulder little it's all lies the patients within lying to the league about their about the injuries it was a joke it came already here's ago it's a joke okay thank you thank you thank you it is at an injured shoulder was other that or the patriots are lying about injuries krizan if that's the case in there running afoul of the rules they put him as probable with a shoulder injury everything's off if has no soldier pain why is he listed on the injury port with a shoulder inge even if he's probable if he has no pain it was a comic opening up many many years comical.

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