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And new york times critic frank frank rich wrote in a negative review quote. Whether aspects of love is a musical for people is another matter. I'm sure sure there were context of that but i just love the hell out of that. When the musical closed the entire eight million dollar investment was lost which according to the new york times made it. Perhaps the greatest flop up in broadway history. Wow yes wow war so his next musical and i promise you i don't have too many to go is sunset sunset boulevard <hes> that is a musical with books and lyrics by don black and christopher hampton and it's based on billy wilder's at academy award winning nineteen fifty the same title the plot revolves around norma desmond a faded star of silent screen era living in the past and her decaying mansion on the fabled los angeles street when young screenwriter joe gillis accidentally crosses her path she sees in him an opportunity to make her return to the big screen romance and tragedy follow opening i in london in nineteen ninety-three the musical had had several long runs internationally and also enjoyed extensive tours however it has been the subject of several legal battles and ultimately lost money due to its extrordinary running costs. What's called a flop hit. Patti lupone originated the role of norma desmond in the west end with glenn close getting the role role on broadway patti lupone who initially had been promised the broadway run sued lloyd webber and received a settlement reported to be a million dollars. How does this guy have billions of dollars when he kept losing money and getting sued i know <hes> so frank rich said in his book and his book the hot seat noted that these lawsuits contributed attributed to sunset boulevard setting the record for the most money.

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