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Understand why I'm here, but what else is the way you're doing this? That's where you could, but you could die. Most of the refugees won't stay here. Russian vasili is the chief of the Moldovan border police, and he has all the numbers. On the days I was visiting about 90% of all Ukrainians entering Moldova were continuing straight on to the EU. Still, tens of thousands remain, and Moldova can barely cope. Like Ukraine, it has now applied for rapid EU membership. But its prospects aren't good. For one, it's extremely poor. It also has its sound troubles with Russia. In 1990, a region called Transnistria declared independence from Moldova. It's nothing but a tiny strip of land between the river and Easter and Ukraine. But its political importance is immense. Mainly Russian speaking, it is supported by Russia. It has even asked to join it. That's why many here are worried that if Ukraine falls, Moldova could be next. For monocle, analysis. And you can read Alexei's full report in next month's issue of monocle magazine. Now, turkey's role as a mediator took center stage yesterday when its foreign minister hosted the first meeting of his counterparts from Ukraine and Russia since the start of the invasion. The meeting took place on the sidelines of the antalya diplomacy forum, a meeting of foreign ministers from around the world that gets underway today. Monoclonal is in an Italia for us. And he spoke with Janet alis, CEO of crisis management initiative, Marty yata Sari peace foundation, an independent Finnish peace broker. Chris began by asking what makes the diplomatic forum in antalya, especially significant. It has been great to be here. I think that has been the reaction I have heard from so many participants. We haven't had anything like this for a few years because of the pandemic. And really, coming together, that is something that you can feel that there is a different talking and touching people. I think that is important in diplomacy. And in terms of the types of countries and mix here, is that something unique about antalya, would you say? Yes. I think it has some kind of unique characteristics bringing in different players and a different type of players. And not only on certain but you have Munich you have certain meetings focusing on certain part of the world. This is a Munich or Mediterranean meeting in Rome, but this is.

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