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He being whole with this fits and that's what they meant for me was. He was jabber for the right distance again. He had long rum's if he would've just step back three inches and started his jam for that position. He might ahead on fight he might have because then he would have the jets to win the war and want to jeb war. Well you're dictating your urine charge a little bit you're dictator. You'll control the pace. The rhythm of the fight. You know the direction of to fight. And he didn't. He didn't use that jab at the right distance for me. And i'd strickland. Did strict with cottages range used a jab to set up again geography strickland also shoulders dimensions. Where he got he was able to win that space as these talks. The great daniel coordinate talks about way way was able to pin. It was able to pin all up against the fence of against the cage and control them get his hands on. It will get inside. Control them because whole understood that he was better. Strictly was betta if it wound up going to the mat so he forced stricklin enforce hall into a position of having to spend time just survived it and we spending time just surviving. You'll fall of behind on the cards. Know you'll fall in behind on carts and besides full buying on cards while you allow you pointed to gather momentum to get stronger in order to get that cell that get that the two sales it for the oldest stretch because he's a control and strictly was a good draw draw and It was it was a good job. He you know he. He really control that fight. I thought he made one mistake to strategically. Where can annoy of your with me on this one but was a point. I can't remember where it was a little later. In the fight where he heard again he was used a jeb. His to set the table look deep with the right and he heard hall. He had a whole hurt standing striking and he went for the gas. He went for the shoot on the same thing. Like what were you thinking. What are you doing like you went for the shooed elizardo. Only he knows why did it but for me he would have been better served to stay on his feet continue with his hands. Strike it and i felt that that mobley at a real good shot to get out of there to to win by knockout of but he went for the you know we went to get him to the mat. He went for the shoot. And and i think at the end of the day that kind of blew the chance that he adds to the no couch and kind of allowed all to survive that molin. Yeah i agree at the end of the day. Once again the ufc. Even sometimes i call these fight night cards like stay busy cards even in the cards where i view them as like. Maybe this won't be as good. The card always lives up to expectations. They delivered all the fights. Were entertaining the guys like we said before everyone. There is so tough. I mean everyone's tough. It's like a prerequisite like don't even show up if you're not tough because you're going to you all and you know the one thing i what added there is that he's a rate of fan baby. Wear the jersey. i saw teddy junior. Had a jersey made up on social media. He had assurance said strickland. Teddy junior in the equipment guys sent him a raiders. Game jersey to us a little bit jealous..

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