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Way that one data eight hundred two eight three one at one point five i you will leave the paul's time the poll joe murphy's got a doubledigit lead ongo donald was that away alone but yet every time we talk about it on this radio station everybody's voting the widow i put it up on facebook i put it up at real steve drug and basically you ever done donald why but the number and this i overwhelm charge in favor of give the donald monitored kit may give votes for now the goldman sachs employees be cohort of the clintons brian just glad you have to see farming bill on tv every three seconds gibb anyone but murphy vicky kid the paul burlakov a laugh out loud chris what a politician does you he or she is growing the cut you taxes never believe her her for the politicians josiah view she is going to raise taxes all ways believe it be free i could go on tubs in woodbridge under jersey one award 05 hey tom hey doing tonight good i will you okay i've just listening to people calling in who voted for initiated to myself the other morning looking into one of the year show you on your station guide call nubby gama fireman okay very nice on a vote for tim because there's whom that kim was on the radio juicer you wait a minute she said i'm doing exactly what you're union asked you to where you get into your information crop uh and you hung up and then i had my subdued idiot federal voted people like it might do guided governor was a thug come on well this is the thing when you deal with you deal with elections so much of it is perception and that's why i like murphy wants his campaign tie kim done oda chris christie it's always it's always a you would think when you washed murphy commercials you would think that the ticket is were dotto christie because he's he's any he's not running and his face is in the ed why i'm not a republican or democrat invoked who who i think is going to do a decent job and i just can't be guy at government or do good another golden fact new and i just i.

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