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The but runs the officer for media during the show but i just want to see how people react issued jackson stuff so we're gonna rear that previously for it again go ahead subscribers who will show podcast you guys people look everybody seemed like out there and as i was growing through i caught an article from the atlantic about how we should be more like one of the eight from planet to the apes because he's a better leader than are reallife humans that was a movie right does doublechecking okay brazil show espn radio espn news on a run through this we have plenty of time who steven jackson previously with he snoop threeonthree tournament the sticky icke you guys or call that certainly when you guys get high on now so it is did their though you just admitted smoking we ido you'd up i know you guys listening i know you as okay backseats now it isn't okay still legal in some states but you know what we all have our things topfive 5on3 brought to you by sport clips you watch sports we cut hair it's perfect spor clips it's going to be a guy top five bottom three all right let's do this vast pats radi actually the 2 seed right now because common opponent that tiebreaker steals once he the esi eagles i talked to an eagle source last night okay and i asked him or her did you pee too early did you not get hot at the right time and based on my source she or he said no minnesota three would sort of that a b c deal there where i go minnesota beat the rams ramsamy new orleans phil roe minnesota three 'cause i feel like i have given of respect all season josh smells their number one fan nick sports is our number two fan base in a poll that i saw in line pittsburgh number four hey rather than a see the afc who event on right now neutral field even though the riverplate a neutral feel the esi playoffs and five rv i have the rams want to put new orleans in there didn't i know everybody's hot on the seahawks again but look back game they were terrific that night and even without the defensive guys there are frivolous jens philadelphia i also as my eagle source do you think the blueprint is out for carson wentz that i can't share with.

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