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Letter suck on you did she has shock on your nipples tony suck dummy to that's pretty good fathered father son stuff alex he has not guard it's not weird alex is a big guy he probably has hangs that i'm produce a lot of milk kip kittens off his ticks and walked around and play hooky time will reveal them to be the posers they truly are don't let their dirty faces full you they painted them that way their filth is in their larcenous hearts see this this is i'm gonna keep tying back to that i think the he's a white whitesupremicist he's talking about them mike painting their faces black wait no but he's saying it's a bad he said their faces were dirty don't let their dirty phases fully of their faces are dirty already there painted that way but he calls them dirty e calls them dirty early here goes on my dirty creatures earlier furhman white year with must be exterminated this two thousand four okay this is right after so he's freshly wounded vices august thirty two thousand four and he says when he's writing the seconds one album these non songwriting asshole which did become the first billy corgan so um right yeah yeah i guess i i if he quit during the tour i don't see why was working on another album will the other albums like some acoustic oh alpine well yeah i think it was just a concept idea never really owned rishion like they wanted to do that but of course i still there's so much more to this all right they're filth is in their larcenous hearts if they have them at all i owed this is great okay this is a that awful sound just like pleasure center right here i got to see the metallica movie the other night by my lonesome of course referring to some kind of lobster.

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