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That did you have right now and the only way to actually run that is to externalize it and once you have one hundred times your current. It then you. You're pretty easily understand. Dan that has no way that you can run back in your data center again. It's basic and and the fact that we're industrializing. It an impressive it ended scale is is what a lot of people fail to understand. And and that's I guess one of the more fundamental Things that people don't know no. It's like stand bag eve. I don't know big. This is going to be. It's it's it's on president at scale. That's that's totally impossible. Impossible to ruin in in your own data center however big it is yes. I love that phrase industrializing it. I think that's where we are. You've got this idea of commodity to declare that kind of stuff which is great. We've moved on but it's it's not just cloud now. It's all the technologies and services that are built on top of the industrialization of it. A massive exchange I see this beyond the it. Of course. Am I mean. I is researched for for many many years. Already it's about. The adult technology comes in to make this ferry good one line or indices AC- courses like even within the it we we don't know and there was this phrase like If if cloud is an instrument that devops engineers musician underplays it but it's it's valid even within it. We still are surprised by all the promises that it holds and Tokyo is needs to learn to play the new instruments and new cloud as an entire. I like that you're Malaika. devops is the musician. So who's going to look to be the conductor. Will that be the service management folks. Are Somebody else was the business yeah. It's the world's roles in place which is also working. You wait of acting. I point because Sir I think it also talks to one really common misunderstanding. That that cloud is about a about putting your stuff and somebody else's computer de Folks you can do on your own but you have to adopt a cloud frame of mind so actually run devops and you'll find out that you have a choice rather thrown out on your own though somewhat awesome where else but devops really fundamentally requires cloud characteristics. And then we're not necessarily talking about Tammuz owner or Google ruined that on although if you scale it up then it will but that's a different story. Yeah and finish. I think what you're saying to your point appear that yeah yeah. I think you're quite right. The business should be the conductor of this This new music my personal view is the IT Department or function should be part of that business groups. That's condoning not be the way round. I am I think that that's a missed points at the moment that Rit leading in this this conversation in their organizations are the are they not I see is that they still don't understand these technologies from a business perspective from service perspective from all chains that we're talking about they're still looking at is technology which I think isn't the right way to go about it today. Peter are you said we're industrializing. It like the car. I have no idea how my car works but I know how to drive it and it gets me to places value. That means something to me a nice car four because one of the metaphors that I use for cloud is the car manufacturing industry where are like like even a large car manufacturer doesn't even know the details of some of the technical components that are in there because they've outsourced it you some other or company that does the engineering production of that. Eighty percent of devalue of car is not produced by the car manufacturers. But it's outsourced and this is the way we develop or we will be developing. It any it department. If they're lucky will be twenty percent and definitely not the eighty percent but maybe they're the unlucky. Then somebody else in the company will be percent and they will be yes I into maintaining old legacy stuff and then sort of girl than indic- off and let's not metaphors but there are organizations who kind of using Uber's rather than the carpools and there are all focused springing up in the sales department that will blissfully unaware of I forgot undercover. I take that call it. Don't they were you know. The cells often deployed some marketing. The solution that's cloud based they don't think of it as cloud. I think of it as the thing that they used to manage their customers. Cloud base solution an IT. I hopefully. They're on top of that. But they can be Leslie Word or a phrase for recall disintermediation bypassing functional to bring Sas then saying your case Gary The science people go down to it and say make that work with single sign on security on this other stuff. Maybe if you're lucky okay. Yeah we'll be better for the function to say to sales we have these six offerings at work with our systems that you can use. which would you like? We've agreed to contracts contracts and the terms and conditions. We know how it all works. We can integrate that kind of stuff on. Here's the volume may cost more. But we're not worried about costs. Were worried about failure. What we get back from from this or how it drives and Saul's a sales problem but it goes full circle to what you said which was quite site? We should write it down. Eight a t shirt with you. Don't know what you don't know you have a conversation with my wife driving home from work. All the targets are with. It company because we need we need access to the F. drive and we can't open the excel spreadsheet. She can four people working on it on the same time why. It department not talking about even teams where he can all be working on the Excel documented. Exactly the same time so if business needs to know that it wants to change the service providers need to know what those changes are and those changes because new technologies been released on on a daily basis. Nobody can never know there is to know. It's the radar change. Today is faster than any time in the history of people on the planet it. It's it's amazing leaders. Lead on to second finding similar book on to hear your views on this second finding critical finding we have is that Organizations Innovations now require people on staff to have the ability to acquire new skills. Not Too early have scales. They need them to have the ability. What's the word hair to acquire new skills? Be Interested in your comments on that. An interesting thing is that it people will potentially have those skills if they are not sidetracked by our management into a couple of years ago. I was at a university hospital working around here. Like like ten thousand people work there. They had they. They talked me about a report that they had on the change willingness of the staff. And we're talking about the entire university population nation year working relation as expected. You know when when people get older their willingness to change decreases except except for the it people and for the people that they're willing this change kind of remained constant. The exact numbers here and said well you to me. That's obvious if you if you're fifty fifty five and you're in it and you've survived flack. Six generations of change you can handle number seven eight easily easily. And that's the the new that is the new normal and it's only getting getting worse and or not trying to do is is at the university is to to change our our. There's some parts of the university is doing that. The education that is changed out into. Let's let's teach people how to acquire skills rather than Graham the current generation of of the current version of windows into them or whatever it is and of course you still need to work with current technology but these people should be more aware of the fact of how they learn and in particular how they learn in teams. Because that's not a pet peeve I have hell. Hey would probably be Brian Brian from what I enough clearly apprenticeship grabbed entry level only about so Qa company now is so we have Qa apprenticeship so we take people from school from university and we trained On friendship so we'll find a lot of digital courses lobby but then cloud causes also with very little on hardware structure now so from that point of view. But what we do try to do with your friendship cited things they try to get together as teams so because unfolds folks young people coming in. It industry seem to think that nobody he's GONNA communication skills in scale the require as will look at the phone the audience. That industry's changing. Yeah well it's curious we also have. Qa High Education so we run University Northumbria for example in London. So we also do most as degrees in cloud computing on cyber security on so I get management as well of mass distraction action. Isn't it social media. Yeah yeah they are. Though with the young people try to teach them not just about the technologies that are GonNa utilize what technologies will be using. Business is missing. It's it's not so much. Here's there's technology here's how to use it. It's here's technology. What used to be the business? That's that's very interesting Approach to take because. Because that's where this is all going. We've industrialized technology. We don't need to learn the way we did years ago as Gary says nobody's coming in looking for server certifications uh-huh all kinds of stuff but we do need to refocus. I think looking at. How does this technology help the business? At how do we understand that you know typically an IT departments for the last twenty years. There's been lots of KPI's and measures and all sorts of things based on tickets Nestle as the business couldn't care less supposed to be honest at the end today or the law carrying about it now what they do care risk. How do I use this technology for the business Looking at revenue time to market maintaining market share competitive advantage or even just keeping up with a challenger that's using technology acknowledgee better than them to solve the smaller problem. I think that's that's going to be an interesting one going forward. Brian thank him teaching. Not Not not even just a younger the apprentices but even as you're saying the older cohort who have to change that to think about it from a value Elliot Perspective as opposed to some bolts of of of it delivery Combat Apprenticeship citing things now as well apprentices can idiot really sixty eight which is retirement age in the UK with the apprenticeship Levy. Really tell.

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