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Neighbors in this community, and some of the business owner shop owners here in downtown have already started boarding up just in case. LVPD is also monitoring social networks, collaborating with other area law enforcement agencies and preparing to respond with more officers on the ground on election night if necessary. There's a lot of fear out there in the community right now that we want to try to address any resident if you're out there makes you have a plan in place for what you're going to do if something bad happens, Whatever it is, I think this is a good reminder. In these times, and that's Andrew pop chock with Bellevue Police. Speaking with Jonathan Dicks, Drivin says that it's Kent location is going to be closed until further notice. After an employee tested positive for covert 19 at worker was last at the location on Halloween, all other employees their world quarantine as well. Meanwhile, Dicks, queen and location remains closed until further notice. And all staff there who may have been exposed while assisting at the Kent location will quarantine as well, the state added. 1039 Mohr confirmed covert cases yesterday. That's the largest one day total since July, and his co most Brian Calvert reports. Researchers here in Washington are also responsible for shedding more light on an outbreak in the other Washington Remember one Copan 19 rock, the White House, infecting the president, First lady and others for a total of 50 infections. White House staff of the tide didn't perform contact, tracing and stated finding the source of the outbreak was a quote, unknowable question. Some friend Hutch researchers just proved that's not true. A combined team from four different facilities analyzed virus samples from two reporters who were with the president right about the believe time of the infection. The reporters both tested positive for covert 19. Researchers were able to detect the virus is genetic code and figure out this particular strain has been around since April. While how it spread isn't known. Eventually they could map out everyone with this strain and get a better idea. The recently published findings concluded with a line that would appear to be critical of the White House reading quote We as a society have the tools to control code 19. They just have to be employed. Brian Calvert camo news. Last month, Seattle's LGBT Q Commission called on the mayor to resign. Como's manufacture reports, the mayor's supporters are firing back. The commission criticized Mayor Jenny Durkin's record on police, violence, homelessness and budgeting. The mayor's office has shared a letter from nearly 200 LGBTQ, community members and allies who disagree. The letter notes, her long history, fighting for equality and civil rights and thanks, sir for various actions on behalf of the LGBTQ community, according to the Seattle Times. Durkin's office also shared a letter from the Greater Seattle Business Association and LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce. That letter argues the commission should have conducted more outrage. Durkin is the city's first openly lesbian mayor. Manda Factor Come own is news time. 1 10. It's time for an update on sports. Now from the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. We checked that with Bill Schwartz, a 10 and 40 past the hour. Ah young Seattle Mariner player up for a nice postseason award That would be American League Rookie of the Year and no question and center fielder Kyle Lewis is a worthy finalist for the honor announced next Monday. Lewis had 11 homers in 28 R B eyes, plus terrific defense in the shortened 2020 season. And Kyle credits a brief call up the year before with his success. I want me a time. It helped me a ton Jesus for his nerves as Faras. Ah, the ability to slow the game down and you know, coming up last year, Everything was happening so fast. I also would have success last year with the game was moving fast through Chicago White Sox Louise Robert and Astros Christian Javier Air, the other Ale, Rookie of the Year finalist, The Seattle Seahawks reportedly will cut veteran tight and Luke Wilson to clear a roster spot for rookie Kobe Parkinson. The Hawks have today off, they're gearing up for another cross country trip to play Buffalo on Sunday. Most Seattle sports teams have today off for the election. Sounders, though, are training with the soccer match tomorrow night in L, A against the Galaxy and Wisconsin's Corona virus outbreak Cost the Badgers football team. Another game canceling Saturday's Big 10 contest against Purdue Sports A.

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