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NA member FDIC slowly going on ESPN radio and ESPN news also on SiriusXM channel lady and I'm Jason fits in between we go sit with my goal of Michael junior there's certain things that I can bank on every year and you guys know my love for for the draft every year but I am a little like Charlie Brown I'll admit it there are certain things I can bank on every year I'm gonna run up to the football and I'm gonna say this is the year and every year my collaborators are going to do at least one thing in the draft that has the entire draft community scratching their head last night they pulled off the nearly impossible and they did it twice now I will say Mike may I like I said it yesterday had a great first draft as a GM a spectacular first draft in Cleveland for a might be questionable pick we don't know but the rest of that track looks like it has a lot of spectacular last night was curious they end up with the twelfth pick at that time on unexpectedly every wide receivers available tomorrow the board right have been taken and they took Henry Ruggs the third now if you if you follow most of the riders to follow the team that's been Gordon's favorite that there's been no bones made about that Gruden wanted his tie retail has been a comment that's been written several times so I can look at Henry Ruggs of third and say okay I get it like a personal preference maybe I prefer Judy maybe a lot of people preferred yeah or land that was one where you had three receivers and depending on what you like that I I thought they keep you know bringing in al Davis for that because al Davis always took the speedster I thought well you know and obviously is not with us anymore yeah here they go take in the speech herself becomes about without it you know but then right no problem with that one we we get to nineteen yeah I'm feeling good about it we know the wide receiver issue we know the corner issue that's the two biggest glaring issues they're set on board a lot of options that's when I find out they've taken Damon Arnette cornerback Ohio state not your real good at quarterback Ohio state obviously he was gone earlier our net goes it and and it was shocking Daniel Jeremiah said this on our coverage last night about on it yeah I am from email is my eighth corner so I think people had that third quarter in all different orders you know one thing I'll say about our net while surprised that he went this high he's very competitive and that fits with what they've tried to do in building this team over the last couple years a very physical very competitive kid who can really find and play the football which you've got to have at that position so now yeah I'm gonna do what I do every year I'm gonna give you my digital life are you ready for this all boy are you ready for this the raiders last year allowed thirty seven receptions of twenty more twenty or more yards to perimeter receiver so we knew they were looking for an outside corner right we know how bad it's been for them in fact they allowed an NFL high twenty three touchdown passes on throws outside the numbers last year they get our net internet they get somebody that'll only allowed three point eight yards per attempt in man to man defense that led FBS and at this point thirty seven point I. completion percentages primary defender defender Lois to the big ten got skills all right whatever so you have no clue what she J. Henderson they were they were above everybody right that it was where were you going after that and by order AJ Terrel was the next quarterback and cornerback you enter the falcons then our net and then Mike says name went to the office I don't know it but not me thank you and have thirty one the Vikings was Jeff Gladney so there were six taken Damon Arnette was just the fourth three year starter thought about coming out last year went back and played the list and we can all break it down how I want you know it can be physical could be overaggressive at times you know that there are there obviously the pros and cons but what what we always say about this it comes down to because you saw the pictures of Mike may ox and of of of Jon Gruden they got their guy they had the choice there were three cornerbacks gone they wanted a little corner and all the other ones are out there you can kind of juggling on what you thought of them this was their next highest rated guy and they took them so it's one of those where we can all sit there and say you know during the German I since he was eight I'm looking at others where he was the twelfth corner but you know what none of that matters now how does he perform that's what Mike Maccagnan group will be great if not on what he performs because that's who they had there I think the biggest lesson here too we've all said this I gotta say it again for everybody looking at your track board it takes two to trade the raiders don't have another pick until the eightieth pick in the draft and while everybody knew that they were trying to move down to the second round and reports out of the people that that I trust to follow the teams that they were aggressively trying to move down from nineteen at some point you can try all day long if nobody's willing order it you you can't do anything about it you take the guy you haven't nineteen would have been a better value in the second round yeah well when you don't have a second round pick what else do you do I mean that that's sort of the situation you're in if you love your guy but he's a better value in second round and you don't have another picked up eighty eight nothing you can do about and this was a draft we remembered the word on the street I don't think Jon Gruden might may I needed any help with this they're guys that are pretty set and what they believe but this is one where the group think was going to be a lot less consensus because you didn't have pro days because you didn't have all this melding of scouts and people involved in that so maybe they're what maybe there is going to be more of this than we give credit for but this was the definite big head scratcher that we saw first off the board about the regular going to remind you tune into the last dance behind the scenes look at the nineties bulls dynasty the six series continues Sunday nine PM eastern on ESPN that was in the RAF a podcast hosted by Jill energy Kobe immediately following the broadcast presented by State Farm in eighteen T. available wherever you enjoy your podcasts that's what I'll be doing on Sunday to forget about all of this I'll just be watching the last I was gonna say I tried to be nice to you they're in like kind of like soften the blow a little bit by saying you know maybe they do know more than everyone else knows at this point which shows the maturity in our relationship because I was sitting next to you when they drafted Kolton Miller and you just looked at me your laughter you said he states more fifteen years ago to the day the Packers did again we'll talk about it next bill is going up ESPN radio ESPN one thousand and ninety eight ESPN thirty for thirty documentary the last day the glory of Michael Jordan and the bulls there six years that was a Michael Jordan god skies as Michael Jordan Jordan and the bulls granted a film crew full access to document their bid for a second three peat continues this Sunday night AT T. 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