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Issue with pretty much every threat out there technical side of things to terrorism too so on and so forth. We've essentially enhance the probability that there's going to be a disaster in that probability is increasing because we continue to kind of being a little bit lazy fair in terms of our development practices in this country. And I think that also goes to the idea that people say there was a natural disaster. Well, nature's gonna happen. We're the ones that make it as Astra because we live there. Statement like that term natural disaster should be thrown out. There is such thing as a natural hazard in those are the tornadoes of the hurricanes. Those are the Doritos those droughts. Those are the floods. But when you say natural disaster, I start to to to get a little upset. And and really is a co mingling of societal vulnerabilities in impact. More importantly, the societal vulnerabilities that mixes with a hazard that creates a disaster. It's it's actually more of a economic disaster than a natural disaster. How did you? How did you get into this? How how did you get interested? In researching the hazardous, weather and the natural hazards and its impact on society. You know? I I grew up a child of the eighties. I grew up a child of the Weather Channel, you know. I remember sitting on the couch and always waiting for that local on the eight's or the five day at the time. It was a five day forecast that I think came on at twenty minutes after the hour. I remember those vividly as a southerner waiting for the next snowstorm, which never seemed to come. But I. My mom passed last last year. I had the opportunity to go clean out. My my memories from from her house, and she had saved all these documents all these art work and homeworks and stuff, and I found one of the pieces of art that I had drawn probably when I was six or seven years old in a city scape. Some buildings drawn on a piece of paper with a tornado coming at it. And I thought oh my goodness. I've been ingrained in this for way way too long. And I think it was just a fascination with weather, but more importantly, the weather, and how to fix folks how it affects the real people on the ground day to day, and I've certainly had that effect in my own life living in the south..

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