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Power after severe weather ripped across central Iowa today tornadoes, spotted in Pella, where the damage is being. Reported including down trees tip cars and damaged buildings. But Marshall town may have taken the biggest hit the city of. Twenty seven thousand is said to have catastrophic damage I Chicago city council committee has approved a plan to rename congress Parkway in honor of Ida be well. Got in the way of the city council's GPS I be wells. Drivers. Supposed to be the new, name for belbow Dr belbow has a fascist history but Italian Americans didn't like that and city politicians didn't. Wanna take off Italian American voters before. The election so now the transportation committee. Has approved Plan to rename congress not Balbo the full. Council could vote on, it next week Steve Bertrand WGN, news the first, hearing today for judge Joseph. Claps through his arraignment was postponed classes charged with. Carrying a concealed weapon in a prohibited area he was caught on. Video dropping a gun at the Leighton criminal court building on July third the handgun fell from jacket that was draped over his arm the arraignment has been. Reset for August ninth national intelligence director Dan Coats is speaking out. About. Why he contradicted President Trump, after he seemed to side with Russia over the US intelligence community during the summit in Helsinki coach was. Interviewed at the Aspen security forum today President Trump's director of, national intelligence Dan Coats said he felt the need to. Correct the. Record when he issued a statement reaffirming Russia's meddling, in, the two thousand. Sixteen presidential election that came after President Trump implied he believed President Putin over his own intelligence agencies ABC's Serena Marshall reporting and we'll..

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