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Coming up on this episode of the Right Tab. What world is you mad? Dak Prescott doing. Are, these boys going to actually play college football. We also got your stories about the time. You thought you were going to have a big party with a million people, but ain't nobody really show up but I. WHO BORE NASCAR made its way into. Our News gave a taste, some funny wound up in a back and forth with some do yesterday on the tweets. And I was talking about the thing with NASCAR, and for those of you who don't know I think this is an important thing to put into this bubble wallace store because there's a lot being made about effect that a noose was left in his garage area and A lot should be made about that fact, but what was going on outside the stadium was just as important of the track rather is just as important to me as the thing that happened with him with the news. Magna let me let me be careful on that. Because I do think that with the news, the thing that's important about the news the day kind of waving over a little bit. They showed everybody walked with Bubba. Wallace on track is as good a chance that whoever was out there with him on that track. One of those people is the one that put that noose in. In there right like from what they've told us about who had access to this area. It is entirely possible to somebody that's out there claiming that they was down for him on the NASCAR. Kick actually is one of the people that did this right? This might happen might be thing and so that's a concern that I. Think Nascar has obviously is which one zero people apparently did this, but the Guardian did a story about this and I didn't really see this in too many places, but the Guardian. Board is worth a British publication had this. There were people who were driving around in Talladega. With their flags right like that was the big thing they to show. They were still around, and so they ride around with they confederate flags, and then you had which I think is been more publicized a plane that flew over Talladega with a battle with a confederate flag that said default NASCAR. Right these are the things that are going on right now. The way that I put it is NASCAR is saying. Hey, we're not a racist entity. We're not racist sport in the racist alike. WHO LOOK! What do you mean you're not? I thought we had an understanding. About this one so I had some cat pop up and he was just on. You know you know I. Don't Ever Talk About Nasr. Car I don't trust is no any NASCAR fans. I know NASCAR fans right like it's not every friend that I've ever had like I know Nascar. Fans is a one thing that's also to a good friend of mine. WHO'S REALLY INTO NASCAR? Point the he made and I think the Talladega point this out. Because I told him I was like up into a raise down at homestead. Which is south of Miami. I was like. Really see the flag and all that stuff out. There is like yeah, the newer tracks. You're not really going to see it. There's like you're not gonNA see it. Chicago was an example gay, but he was like the new tracks. You Not really gonNA see. He's I, but when you start getting into the traditional tracks, rival started getting to Talladega Martinsville. To Darlington right when you start to go into those tracks. He's like that's what it's going to be an issue because it's the flag is the t shirts. It's everything else like it's GonNa. Take a lot for them to get those folks to stop doing is they? Don't have a lot of people out. If they're really dedicated to. Making this thing, happened and ask somebody hit me onto all man. You know you're only we'll talk about this because it's a matter of race in his like is not that I only want to talk about this as a matter raised, but we all have to acknowledge. Objectively speaking right if you separate yourself from the pain that's associated with this. This is the most intellectually interesting thing that's happened around Nascar in quite a while. You know like otherwise I. Don't know what else you want me to come out here and talk about. WE'RE REGARDS TO NASCAR WITH I'm a fan of not other people WanNa get you. Hey, Ma'am! There's a national story right now and we're here. BECAUSE NASCAR got one black driver in the midst of America pretending to have some sort awakening, and they got to figure out what you do. Because a lot of the stuff they've been doing only works if there's no black people around. Now. You've got a black person around. Hey, maybe we need to rethink this whole confederate flag thing right. Okay, because bubble Wallace is here and I watched what went on at Talladega on Monday? Me Give you one thing to note about Talladega. That I did not realize honestly until this morning before preparing to do this podcast. I saw this on TV after I'd seen what I'm going to tell you. But a Paul Finebaum mentioned that the press box at Talladega used to be named after George Wass. Right. We gotta take this another step further. That track at Talladega was built in large part, because Bill France, the Patriarch of NASCAR. Endorsed George Wallace for president. In Nineteen, seventy two. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah like that's the thing that's how that whole track got to be there. In the first place that is a track in large part that segregation bill, now of course, this comes after the segregation and everything else, but when you win the owner of the whole damn thing decides. He's put his arm around George Wallace for president. You're given a signal about what kind of party it is that you throw in because what we know. George Wallace Ford Segregation now segregation tomorrow segregation forever. In that who the man that RAN NASCAR put his arm around it apart to build his track there. We're talking about right now. There's track that's at the centerpiece of everything. You gotTA understand this. If you're going to talk about all of this means for Nascar right the relationship that they have with people who do things like. Wade the confederate flag. They have embraced those people. And when the time came that it wasn't really justifiable to do that. They told those people to stop bringing their flags, but then didn't do anything about it when they actually brought their flags to put this in context. Ole Miss. The University of Mississippi did more to get people to stop waving confederate flags than NASCAR deed the school. Whose Mascot is the rebels? Did More to stop people waving the flag at their stadium NASCAR DID to get people to stop waving the flag at their tracks, right. This is what they've built. And now they gotTA figure out how to take down. They had decades to do this. It didn't have to be this, but somewhere along the way they decided that this was going to be their branding right. They decided their branding was going to be a branding of the south, but a very particular kind of south because I'm talking about a south. That doesn't have black.

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