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Of sean hannity home on one station talkradio vij 60 ksfo it's on the gamblers patino officially out i'm rich johnson president trump says he's on democrats when it comes to time to vote on a republicansponsored taxcut bill dare against major tax cuts that's going to make our country stronger and more competitive that's a hard thing to win an election on and i believe that some democrats will be voting for us when it comes to the tax credit for the president spoke on that and many other subjects at an impromptu rose garden news conference after his lunch with senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and he raised some eyebrows with this blast at his predecessors specifically president obama when it comes to calling the families of service members killed in action i was told that he didn't often and a lot of presidents don't they write letters why do at she has repair i do a combination of both sometimes it's it's a very difficult thing to do but i do a combination of both a former advisor to president obama calls that claim a lie president trump says he will soon talk to relatives of the green berets recently killed in the african country of new year staff to talk about containing northern california wildfires when you're talking about so many fires for example the central complex fire which includes the nuns fire the tubs fire the pocket fire the oakmont fire now scorched more than one hundred thousand acres alone range in containment from fifteen to seventy percent still cal fire says they have the fires on the run correspondent jim rupe in los angeles judge in spain has ordered to leaders of catalonia's independence movement to jail has the pair are subject of the subject of a sedition investigation cattle on his regional police chief though is allowed to remain free university of louisville decided to fire men's basketball coach rick pitino with caused meaning he will not get any buyout pitino at the center of a new scandal involving a number of schools and alleged payments to players families near the close the dow jones industrial average is up eighty six points the nasdaq up eighteen i'm rich johnson i would urge them amdro four hundred m losing might on on the ballot burly quickly some of.

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