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Join today and they don't have a place where you can put my name into just do it, you know do with black lives matter doomed to scroll my name on the walls. some building that you're walking by my son. Spencer Cleveland is GONNA come on. We're GONNA talk about culture, because everybody panics, and they forget the culture, but the culture is everything coming right up. All, right, who is spins reclaim your. They give me a little thing. Then I can read off so I know who spent circling. See. You're talking about the. Dissolution of the American family or watching right here, I have to read his introduction of. Assistant, editor of the Claremont Review of books, which is a fat marketing this before he worked there, I was telling you about the Claremont Review Books. It is the best. It is a great great magazine. The American mind is the younger version that's kind of on this on the Internet and he's got a great podcast I just listened to the latest episode yesterday. The young heretics which you can get young heretics dot com I get it off apple because I just can't handle all these different places, but expense how you doing. Hey It's good to see you. Can I bring that introduction sheet over next time? I come to have a drink so that you remember. You are exactly. Just where it just wear it on, your shirt is like. Oh, it's the assistant editor from the Claremont Review Board. So I'm bringing you on at a moment when Seattle. Seattle is fallen. people are in a panic trump's poll numbers of of drop and you're sitting around talking about the Bible and Plato. Your last thing about Plato Symposium One of the greatest pieces of work. What can we tell you like? What do we tell you? Why does this matter? I know you know I go on twitter and I look out at this what feels to me like just this vast landscape of despair and anger, and I feel it to their their defacing statues of Winston Churchill. One of the greatest men ever to live without whom there would be no concept of freedom or liberty or quality to currently exist in the world I'm watching that and I get angry. I feel like the only thing to do is just go out and scream and yell about the culture and I think that obviously is incredibly important to be having those. Those fights, but you know see US Louis about whom I will do a podcast episode next week Cs. Lewis said once during world. War Two a cataclysm, a big cataclysm said you know the war creates no absolutely new situation. All it does is aggravate the situation that we're constantly in people. Forget in times of prosperity. That is the West. The West is tiny light of reason and truth and goodness in people carried long they pass it off. It's been done before right, but we theorised writes in prison before before being killed my personal favourite Cicero, the Great Roman statesman. Great works political philosophy basically before he's executed, the republic crumbles in the Empire Falls and who picks up CICERO, but John Adams right. America is the next in this line so look. Do I think this is like the end? No, I do not, but even if it is, this is our whole job our whole job, even if we're about to get taken out, is to be enriching ourselves and others with the tremendous wealth that is, it is our responsibility to pass on, and we'll be better for it, and in the end our enemies, even if they triumph in this world are GonNa be worse off in the long run, and we are going to be on the winning side. You know I always tell people who story of calling you up when you were in England. I just been reading some Plato and I said Geez. I is really depressing me nostalgic for the days when socrates could walk about the Agora discussing philosophy, and those his long pause, and then you said that they killed socrates, and so we have to remember that this is not. Unique a unique moment well I was listening to your is eight, and you have this wonderful on the on the website rejoiced dash. Ever you have this wonderful translation of Isaiah and you started talking about the Bible and why the Bible matters, even if you don't feel that your religious, give me a little of that. Yeah no sure I mean look. People are in all sorts of different places right now when it comes to belief in God, obviously I am a Christian. I believe that the Bible is the true source of Divine Truth that tells you about everything that is true about the world. But people are on all sorts of stages in the journey toward thinking about that and they tend I think we have this atmosphere. This fashionable atmosphere that nobody's smart believes in God anymore, and so all of that stuff is just kind of just superstition. It's old fashioned superstition I. Call This Chronological Chauvinism. The idea that everybody's smart was born after nineteen fifty. You know, and of course that's preposterous. If you sit down and think about it for five seconds right, the great intellects of. Of all time Thomas Acquaints Saint Augustine, all of them have believed in some form of Deity. Aristotle, even the Greeks were not Christian, and so the Bible is not only scripture for Christians and Jews it is also the vast cultural repository of at least fifty percent of the wisdom of the West. Right Athens in Jerusalem are the two great pillars of this civilization that we build across generations so to shrug off. The Bible is just old superstition. It's cutting your left foot off basically. I'm always talking about narrative and the way they build narrative, and they do exactly what you say kind of make you feel like you're a dope. If you believe in this stuff in science has done, they have that word science, which now means absolutely nothing, and they say well science has proved it. Guys have been writing to me and saying we've now proved that there was no exodus of the Jews. There was no Moses I mean. This is the kind of thing you know. They used to make they. They made fun of that Guy Schliemann. When he said there was really a Trojan war, and then he discovered troy so I mean these kind of dismissive attitude. They take a narrative building. It's a way of making you feel like you shouldn't open your mouth, so we're talking about. You're talking about the Greeks. Talking about things coming from Athens and Jerusalem and you did this show. I thought it was unbelievable this weekend your show, young heretics, young heretics, dot com, and you did on the symposium which is. Just a beautiful, beautiful book..

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