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All right, Dave definitely took a little while to get into the games, but it's just a new. So I think we can plow through these half hour ready. No. Let me know when you're ready. The is gonna get you. Rhythm is go, Carolina is at Philadelphia, and by the way I'm having a lot of trouble with the bonanza this week. Just let it, you know, this will not be it stat game. Yes, don't let the bonanza be something that you must do every week they have to. Right. Oh, you don't know. See, this is the problem. Is that your feeling this unnecessary pressure to to name a bonanza. You're right. I don't think you have to do it. Let I let the bonanza come to you. Okay, Carolina, Philadelphia. Here's your stat of the game. Carolina has allowed double digit fantasy points, non PR to a running back in four of five games. The only time they didn't. Adrian Peterson head, ninety seven rushing yards even with Thomas David Davis back last week. They still were not a good run defense, five point six yards per run. Yeah. And you know, they don't have star to lay anymore, so that could be part of it. But what do you think about the eagles running backs? Maybe one of the more difficult starts decisions in this game because which one is going to be. Everybody's going to gravitate toward Clement because of what he produced last week. But if you go into the numbers, Smallwood played more snaps had more carries had more work in the red zone, had more work inside the ten played more on third downs. A lot of things went in small woods favor, and he still had seven carries after his fumble member, the fumble that he luckily didn't lose that would admit, it's fantasy point to leaving worse. He had seven carries after. Then Clement at six, they mix and match. We've set it all along. They're not gonna use just one guy and doesn't look like they're sproles is gonna play. The whole world has Corey Clement ranked higher than window Smallwood. I can't say with much certainty that it's going to play out that way. Again, this view have Clement, I do I, but it's only because he didn't fumble last week, and I wonder if that's just gonna kinda sit with the coach. A little bit and they say, okay, let's use Corey Clement a little bit more than small. Also, climate was coming back from injury so they could have been easy and back in. That's true. All right, so so maybe for those reasons, Clement is actually a better start, but my my hunch is even though the numbers I rattled off about Smallwood were what they were. It's Clement is a liability on third downs. Right. Yeah, you catch is in what had none at one zero yards last week. All right. So would you consider starting Clement ready for this over Christian McCaffrey in non PR? What don't laugh? Kaffa has IDO you're not laughing a very tough match-up. Philadelphia lousy. The third fewest fantasy points running backs McCaffrey in non PR. He's not nearly as good. That's true, but I'm still gonna start McCaffrey on the hopes that he has a bunch of big plays. I would start Corey Clement or the Shawn McCoy. I am a Koi over Clement this week quavo I have this weird feeling that Buffalo's gonna come to play Corey Clement or Devin. Funchess. P PR funchess non p p r Clement. All right, let's stick with the eagles. Carson Wentz is seventh in the quarterback rankings for all three analysts. So you can start Carson Wentz. I think he's a great start this week. He has not a good pass defense. Alshon Jeffery must start, right? Yep. Top twelve for me. And what about Agar because this team does struggle more against slot receivers, you thoughts on this week?.

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