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Solder off the edge. Miller had another sack later in the game, the 108th of his career, Ted The Bridgewater played well throwing for 264 yards and two touchdowns and no interceptions. One damper on the wind was the lower leg injury to wide receiver Jerry Judy coach Vic Fangio. X rays were negative and it's a sprain. But we'll see tomorrow we'll tell a different story. Maybe the Broncos on the road again next Sunday, playing the Jaguars in Jacksonville in baseball, the Rockies beat the Phillies 5 to 4 today. Garrett Hampson hit two home runs and drove in all five runs. They're off Monday and the Rockies played the Braves Tuesday in Atlanta, the Black Mountain fire and Grand County is holding steady at just over 400 acres. With containment increasing, it's now up to 84% Field operations, section Chief Jason Hogg says. There has been some precipitation on the fire will be able to use that precept. To help secure our containment lines. It also will hinder getting more Reese's resources up to the fire, but those resources will be available for initial attack if needed. The Black Mountain fire was sparked by lightning on August 29th, about eight miles northeast of Kremlin. More seasonal September whether this week after three straight days of record breaking heat, we broke temperature records Thursday, Friday and Saturday with highs in the mid to upper nineties. So far, we have seen 56 days after above 90 degrees this year. In an average year. We typically see about 45 of those that were Pretty far above the average box. 31 meteorologist Jessica Label says Monday will be in the mid eighties and a taste of fall Tuesday with temperatures in the mid seventies of the chance of rain. I'm Chad Bauer on Kor NewsRadio, 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from the background, Sports Traffic Center, Taking a look at your ride this Sunday night, not seeing any delays on your rides. If you're traveling from Colorado Springs, making their way north, um I 25 No delays through there. That right is going to take you an hour and seven minutes. I 70 is looking clear. Not seeing any delays as you.

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