National Transportation Safety Board, President Trump, Ethiopian Airlines discussed on Front Lines on Freedom


Cates. The National Transportation Safety board is sending a team to assist with the probe into the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jet shortly after takeoff killing all one hundred fifty seven on board. Correspondent David McKenzie reports the flight was headed to Kenya very popular route that is often frequented by national business travelers. United Nations work is between the two East African capitals. Now, they will have to try and figure out just how this went down in clear. Beautiful weather in the early morning commute applied to in east Africa that no survivors reported by state media satellite. Images show, North Korea could be preparing for a missile launch soon. National security adviser John Bolton tells ABC's this week that President Trump is taking a different approach than his predecessors president has been very clear that he's not gonna make the mistakes of prior administrations and one mistake that prior administrations made. Repeatedly was assuming that the North Koreans would automatically comply when they undertake obligations. The North Koreans for example, have pledged to give up their nuclear weapons program at least five separate times beginning in nineteen Ninety-two with a joint north-south denuclearization agreement. The house has reached notable milestone as the house debated HR. One a Bill called the for the people act, a freshman democratic congresswoman was presiding the gentlemen from Illinois. Madam speaker Madam chair before I get started. Could I ask for a point of personal privilege to have the members of this institution in the gallery, recognize us, the first native American woman to ever chair, the house preceding, chairwoman was Deb Haaland of New Mexico? Part of a diverse class of freshmen lawmakers Holland has worked to increase access to the ballot box in her home state, particularly in native American country. Linda Kenyon, Washington. I'm Anne.

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