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A robot. Hold on. Let me ask my mom. Sorry. My Webcam is broken. I'm worried they'll get passed around school. Unfortunately, I just had my clothes surgically attached to my body. If they got out, I might never be president. I'm already naked under my clothes. Not even if you were all three Jonas brothers. I have a rash. I have new phobia. I have lizard skin. The more you ask, the less I want to. You're not the boss of me. Nudity makes me bombing. I'm a vampire, so I don't show up in pictures. Anyways, you're badgering has really killed the mood When someone is pressuring you to do something You don't want to. How many ways can you say No, before they get the message? Let us know what that's not cool dot com Brought to you by the Ad Council. See JB Health, Dr Ken grown houses here. I'm Doug Stephan. With some questions. Some of them have to do with the everyday living that we are experiencing with E. The overdoses of people who have the pride. I guess I'm trying to connect the dots here Can the question comes on the number of ER visits for people who are overdosing people who are committing suicide or trying to Because are they afraid if somebody tells you you got the virus, and we had enough scare tactic in the news media to scare some people who have, you know, frail egos or senses himself, So they want to commit suicide rather than go through all this? I think we are only at the beginning of understanding all the collateral damage from both the illness and the treatment of covert 19. And definitely one that's being identified already is, are the mental illness issues They're being brought on the suicides, the Depression, the anxiety And what came out this week, and Jonah Psychiatry Journal American Medical Association. The psychiatry edition is that ER visits are up since covert nineteen's been described For drug overdoses and suicide attempts. And you know people are there's just a lot of anxiety and depression out there right now, because of this People wondering, Are they ever going to get their lives back? Their lives have been, uh Thorne. Ah, part they've lost their jobs. They've lost their businesses. This is real stuff, Uh, states that have closed up so tightly and not let people have any part of their life. So the mental health people have more work than they can handle right now, and just Ask that people be a little patient, and I think by sometime next July and this between July and December, we're gonna get back to our lives. I think the problem is that we haven't news media that's aunty. American in my mind, Much of it is all about scaring everybody ruining who knows what the gain is other than more listeners or viewers and then maybe more advertising dollars. But in terms of responsibility, some of these people are just way out to lunch. And as long as we're in this business about cause and effect, I wanted to talk to you about something that Jack Stockwell and I talked about this week is well on another hour of D. J. V. Health, and that's the report that some 400,000 Americans Have had might have been saved. If there were more people admitting in your profession, the medical profession that Hydro. That thousands. Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Americans would not have died. Can I think that's a very sad story. You know if anybody starts talking about it like me, you know you're accused of being a wacky person. But there are World famous immunologist, infectious disease specialists, especially one theme medical school in Marseilles. That's been advocating this with with case control data. And it's just a very sad thing. I mean, I've seen the data where it shows it's effective. But then if you start talking about it, you know it's it's like you're a wacky person, and that's because we've been The prejudice here. This is from the American Journal of Medicine. You know, the first to it as the Chinese virus. I mean, I get tired of people. I lost a big account because they said I was a racist because I referred to it as the Chinese virus. Well, what the hell is it? It's not the New Jersey virus. And it isn't the New Zealand virus. It's the Chinese virus started in a lab in in China pushed by the Chinese government. So what the hell else is it? That's what these people are saying. I'm getting off of my horse here a little bit, but In terms of you know what is this after the fact, What good does it do us to know this, But it just shows you the prejudices that come, especially the political prejudices that came as a result of who recognized this early on, and we talked about it, and therefore it was discounted. That's you know, I can. That's That's kind of weird. So how many people are dead? Because off the political ramifications of people who took shots at using this stuff, right? I mean, isn't that the bottom line? Yeah, it Z is sad that it looked like to me that there certainly was potentially very effective and safe opportunity. And then the science that was used to show whether it's safe or effective was designed not to actually test the question, so politics was shocking. Yep, sure was all right. That's.

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