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Books to that on the one hit me look scary if los angeles kings if you're kings fan oh you know here are another aging player on our roster consuming cap space but then when i look at it i mean they're locked into old guys anyhow like a lot old gadget well tell relative but they're locked into older players whether it's quick whether it's fano whether it's braun whether it's carter whether it's even on say copay tire like judy when he signs is new deal like they're locked into an older crew which is the nucleus of this team and it's a three year deal i understand that three years along time and it would've been more palatable to do too but i say listen if los angeles kings and this is the core of your team you've just surrounded core with another player that can help you win right now and not bill to the future well it shows how important guys like tyler fully tanner pearson are and the other thing is i do know that when montreal was talking the patron at some point they really tried to get their hands on gave alario player you know really well and i think the kings fought that off like they just said there's more not doing that so i think you're right it's definitely an older roster and they're going to extend your dowdy i think everybody's expecting that they're going to get a deal done we're at a point now where doughty and i just think that the kings look at that and they say this is our best chance to win but i think they hope that they're younger guys are going to be a big factor now according to camp friendly this pushed los angeles seventy six point three million dollars with twenty players signed twelve four at sixty and two goaltenders to the need to make some moves here before next fall elliott well i i mean what are the moves like like i'm looking at this like who on that roster and you dealing okay who you dealing who are the guys you can move you have alexai follow who is a no he's in it nine to five now good player i'm just going to the lineup here i mean move a two million dollars over lewis two more years remaining their piercing to fully know their lewis is a center so you'll have value like if you wanna do that like you can like look at this draft you can always find room for centers right if that's what they want to do i think trevor lewis would definitely have value one of the defenseman jake wasn't martinez maybe a trade rumors for a long time so i guess anything is possible the one thing is you have one more year to really go at it before doughty's huge number kicks it whatever it's going to be so i think if you're the kings you're looking at this you're saying we're going at this for year with the best roster possible and if you got something that makes our roster better you come to us but in less you get a dynamite trade like i don't think you're trading martinez and muslim necessarily for futures i think they're going out at saying you gotta come out with something that makes us better for next year because after next year salary structure is going to change so why covert chuck hasn't played in the nhl in five years i mean maybe the the obvious question is the one that we should have asked the top can't he's still play at that same nhl level we don't know he's played in the in the cage the power play at twenty percent seventeenth in the nhl goals force sixteenth in the nhl two hundred thirty seven goals you're gonna think cova check addresses both of those issues particularly the power play but move the one question is when we can't answer until next season and that is can he's still play that same cultural chuck level well we'll find out like i think the kings.

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