FBI, House Intelligence Committee, Donald Trump discussed on Morning Edition


The house intelligence committee you remember that on friday a memo from the committee's republican chair devon noon was released to the public and it alleged that the fbi improperly used its surveillance a three so last night the house intelligence committee voted to declassify a secret democratic counter memo president trump will decide if that should be made public to hear to walk through the memos i'll show rain gop i she's a former fbi special agent osher thanks for being with us thanks for having me let's start with the memo that we've seen republicans say that mammal the nunez memo proves that the fbi used unsubstantiated opposition research to secure a faisal worth to spy and a member of the trump campaign thus illustrating as they say that the fbi is biased against president trump do you think the nunez memo showed that it did not showed that in fact i believe that nunez at this point has actually admitted that there was a footnote in the fis application that did disclose that whatever material was used from the steel dossier was funded by political operatives so there was a disclosure that main but the bigger picture is that fis applications are incredibly lengthy they come at a stage of an investigation so there is already investigation open it's called a full investigation the most serious kind of investigation and the fbi you have to have articulate faxed to open one and you say sacks you have to have facts who which which implies that they couldn't have used the steel dossier in and of itself as a justify caytion as a predicated to get a faisal boards and subsequent fis words after that right to the facts you need the facts to open the full investigation then you conduct the investigation which will include all kinds of investigative techniques like you know physical surveillance you'll get record you might get source reporting from other places at some point you built up enough probable cause to then put together a fis that application and you will put together the evidence that you've gathered to present the probable cause that says yes this person is acting on behalf of foreign power and for us person you actually if to show that they're doing so knowingly uh but we know that he was approached in 2013 by the fbi carter pay demand carter in this whole thing with the un that was what i too he was warned that he was being recruited by.

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