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I mean, it's like the minutia it feels like it's based on the novel, and like its condensing a lot of things from a novel right lane going down. It is. Okay. But has that feeling where you're like this probably was like three hundred more pages? And here they're making it like a ten minute part of the movie big is a whole Exide thing involving David strafe air. And and Holly hunter has like I wasn't Gary Busey. He's also. In the movie for five minutes, greatest, five minutes of your life. And then. And then. Jane Lynch is in the fugitive which like what as like and Julianne Moore like she's build up there. But then she doesn't come into the movie until the very end like she would basically it's like a guest star on ER type role where she's like he has broke. She's she's living donder, and then she's like that guy saved up life, and they're like Kimball and the New Zealand lamb away on the things somebody chases him on the hospital. Client Harrison Ford is in the hospital, and he shaved nobody's recognizing him as Kimball and he's just like arma janitor. And they're like here. Take this up to the bills, janitors. Outfit. I remember maybe for the first time like two years ago. So good. It was good. But yeah. Being on a on a plane washing movie. Pretty great watch three in a row. Yeah. I also told Molly I watched beautiful boy. And really, I haven't even watched feeble. Let me tell you that. I was watching. Yeah. I was watching beautiful boy and like twenty five minutes in my mind. Wandering, it's a good movie. But my mind started wandering, and I was just like God, you know. I think I'm like clinically depressed..

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