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Bornstein for the marvelous, MRs Mazo, Patricia Clarkson, sharp objects, Penelope Cruz, the assassination of Gianni Versace. Chee Tandy Newton Westworld, Yvonne's hausky, the Handmaid's tale, Alex Bernstein of won the EMMY for this category. She is amazing. And stoppable OB lovely to see her win another reward another award for this category. I have not seen. Westworld 'this into and I had not seen the Handmaid's tale. So I don't know what to say about those two and I've not seen sharp objects. I'm sure Penelope Cruz was fine in Johnny for sake. But I don't have any say about it. So it's probably going to be Alex Bernstein. We'll see. Serious TV movie or many serious, supporting actor Alan Arkin, the Kaminsky method, Kieran, Culkin succession at girl Ramirez. The assassination of Johnny cheat Ben wish show, a very British scandal. Henry, Winkler berry and Henry Winkler I would love to see win. He's awesome and golden gloves when are we going to have serious team or mini series be separate categories? I don't understand why supporting actors have to be all clumped together in one category. Because Henry Winkler is amazing. But if you put them up against somebody who's in a mini series that is acclaimed has won a lot of awards. I'm getting a little nervous that he's not going to win an Golden Globe. And I love me some handing Winkler and I would love disease him win. But this situation of the Golden Globes is never going to be okay until they separate the categories. I've been ranting and raving about it for years, and it doesn't look like it's changing anytime soon, and it's still annoys me to no end. Michael yellow talks about this every time the nominations come up, he's like when is this going to happen? It's ridiculous. So that's the Golden Globes. I'm looking forward to that. That's going to be airing next Sunday. L definitely give you my thoughts and opinions on what happened. When I have my neck show in January less than three months after Julie. Chen, departed, the talk the CBS chat fest has found her permanent replacement in Carrie Ann Inaba. You might know her from dancing with the stars. She will be gin to fill her seat in January. She has served as a guest host multiple times since Chen's departure from the show in September. Of course, be no Chen, step down after her husband, less Munoz was fired from CBS. So I wish her a lot of luck on that show. And as you'll soon here they're not doing dancing with the stars cycle in the spring. So she will be vailable for several months. So the talk, I'm pretty sure films in Los Angeles. So if she does do dancing with the stars eight actually could work out pretty well for her even though they're not going to do a cycle in the spring when they come back in the fall, I think she'll be able to work it out pretty well. ABC is giving a million little things a big vote of confidence. They announced that they in their midseason schedule. They're shifting the promising rookie drama to Thursdays at nine eight central following Grey's anatomy, the current occupants station nineteen word claim the perch in March. When Milian little things completes its run. Other highlights from the game plan American idol returns Sunday, March third match game replaces million little things on Wednesdays until late February when the new Scott Foley. Lauren Cohan drama, whiskey cavalier takes over and let me just tell you. I'm so excited for the show 'cause I saw the pilot in June, and I've been just waiting to be able to talk about it, and it's not going to Aaron of end of February. So I have all these thoughts about this show that I want to share with you about how much I love it. And I can't really say that much, but you're gonna love it. And you can have my word on that the Marcia Clark EP procedural. The fix will replace the good doctor on Mondays in March. When that one finishes up that returns January fourteenth to wrap season, two American housewife will take over the Connors Tuesday. Spot on February fifth after they finish their run. And as I mentioned, no spring cycle for dancing with the stars. Probably for the best considering how much controversy there was over the last season..

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