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Whistleblower we know from the letter that the inspector general of the intelligence community and he thought that it was of lower had political bias with the Senate adjourned for the weekend the Senate impeachment trial will pick back up again on Monday the so cal hardcore heroes Black Flag on display a gallery near Santa Monica the exhibit which closes at the end of today showcases photos of several famous punk bands taken by Kevin salt in the early eighties when he was a teenager growing up in the South Bay fathom gallery founder Francis coro says sold had a different perspective because he was a fan and not a professional photographer in the mix you know he knew a lot of the folks in the band is able to shoot it from the crowd on the stage you know literally next to the lead singer in a talk at the gallery tonight at six PM session south el Monte on the sixty that's westbound just couple crossroads parkway crashes block in the middle lanes at the stop and go ride from seventhavenue Ontario in the sixty east bound that's going to be at vineyard Avenue a crash only has the right lane open all of the lane sat down as Abby ride from mountain Avenue on the westbound side of the sixty there have been years the carpal and left lane are also set down traffic jam from haven Santa Ana on the five north on a fourth street there's a wrecked black in the carport and left lane it's a heavy ripen jamboree KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I'm Peter Marino you know I I am asked all the time I was about great places to eat and drink the fun part is showing people places where they least expect them and I got a place for you urban press winery in Burbank award winning craft winery and they are bringing in the art of California one making to their gorgeous tasting room in downtown Burbank so quality wines made in cinema killer atmosphere they got live music nights magic show nineteen no I love that it's meant wine pairing dinners even one classes as a matter of fact.

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