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News this is all things considered i'm kelly mcevers and i'm audie cornish at one point a few years ago the leftleaning feel good website up worthy was the fastest growing website of all time and then facebook change the algorithm that controlled it's news feed way fewer people clicked on up where the post anne pierce him mm sanders looks at what happened after a worthy went downhill and what that says about the power of facebook you know the upper the headline there's one the things this foil this doing a cute the reason is doing them is heartbreaking by two thousand thirteen up were the and those kind of headlines it was all reaching about ninety million people per month but this content especially the headlines people called it click bait lowquality stuff just meant to grab eyeballs for the ad revenue has up where the ever make look bate sure i mean i i think nobody that's ally pariser he is the co founder and chief executive of up worthy even he admits some of the headlines were off what i asked him to give me an example of up worthy click bait yummy google permanent okay uh he found one from september two thousand thirty on here the headline is worse than in germany's aimed at when my mind menu there so reminding headline headliner well that's the headline at the have played against lower the headline for four hundred inherit the earth blue my mind in made me a little sick this was an article about the american healthcare system i think of a threeway okay edward who you know the ceo of up worthy gave that headline a two out of ten around the end of two thousand thirteen traffic to upward these started to plummet ultimately upwardly traffic declined by about twothirds mostly because of facebook engineers facebook told the new york times recently that content like up were these was just not valuable to facebook users gengold beck agrees they really optimized this technique of manipulating people through headlines to coming to see content.

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