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First job site and pressed a well, Amanda germain's What You're Made? I'm going to make sure he sees this month. Yeah, well, I'm also Twitter friends with Jemaine and at the very least I have sent him a somewhat like creepy with. Like I love you song message very much what I said, I promise he doesn't follow me. So it's fine. Y'all have fun. Yellow friends with him and I will show you said you loved. Yeah, he's right. I haven't cuz he didn't follow me. Yeah. But a man, you respond though, as he was, he he was very nice. He was very sweet. Yeah. Oh, that's so, that's so great. I one last question before I get yourself off. Safe in the documentary. There's a second try Channel and you're here, obviously you're out, but there's like some weird like appeal trial or something material that you obviously with it. And you're the, the guy you were dating ones and that's all good. If you had lost what would have happened? Yeah, so first of all, I did lose the first time around while you were here. I was yeah, while I was here. So I was really nice cuz I remember going. Yeah, she's going to head back. Like yeah, well, I I think my words were kicking and screaming. Like, but yeah, the people made a Heyday out of that and it was like, come on. What would you do? I'm going to page. This is what I'm saying, but like four years, I'm going to be me now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So in Italy they don't do double jeopardy. The same way that they do here. So dead. Prosecutors can also appeal, acquittals and they appealed, my acquittal it was sent back for retrial. I was convicted again and then it was off to the Italian Supreme Court and they overturned it and definitively acquitted me. So, that is the sort of back-and-forth Kangaroo Court situation that I dealt with. And I will say that. During that time. I lived in limbo. Like, I could, I went back to school but I was, you know, like, okay. Am I going to get my degree and go back to prison? Like, I would make friends, like I can't do anything. The government has extradited you just like you would not have gotten extra, I didn't know. Well, so we have an extradition treaty with Italy. I don't feel like we would have sent you back. I don't like, I can't say, what would have happened, but I can tell you is what I Was preparing wage. To have happen. And what I Was preparing for was to turn myself into local authorities to hopefully try to, if they were going to, you know, impose a sentence on me. I was going to fight to the very least request that I served my sentence in the United States so that it was easier..

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