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It love about what happened to that. Oh so we love for you to read is sort of the deal breaker that like a man on the on the role on the project on how i feel about it. It depends there a whole lot of eric. Variables that go into that. So is there genre that you haven't stepped into yet like the horror genre. Or i don't know if the call the marble world like science fiction or not. I don't know like what the it's just a horror movie. I was scheduled to get on a plane. Two weeks after quarantine it supposed to be in Budapest romania but no it was really it was interesting and different and potentially a lot of fun and now i think it's dead. I i would love to. I miss comedy. I miss comedy and i think maybe people have forgotten that are can do. They're sorta missed that now. Sort of i really do. Miss two income comedic things I would love to do a cute little romantic comedy or just regular comedy. I love science fine. I'm glad you mentioned that. And i've got the right to a couple of book series that i trying to make happen And then i don't have the right to a couple of series that i'm friends with the authors and i'm like i'm we are talking about moving forward with me as part of their package Without moving the rights But to have me as a producer and a and an actor on it. Because i saw i love sci-fi i love us. In the world of sci-fi i love anything that goes beyond the boundary that people have tried to give us And so i'm into those things. Because i'm not into being told who i am allowed to be So that is always exciting to me. When i can find something. That is outside of the space that we have been relegated to..

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