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But kristen we're gonna use this to start talking about islam. Michael chandler general if you're the afc which fight or do you try to give islam mahajan after his domination or java says last weekend and i know he has a few names. In mind there is fi obviously. I don't really think too much about that. One just because it majority of it was like on twitter. They're just bickering back and forth but the more that they do it the more. I'm interested in it. So i wouldn't mind seeing that happen Let's see he also called tony. Ferguson al i guess to kind of conclude the storyline between him and kabaeva montana met office obviously neuron medoff is his mentor and coach and i guess he wants to be guy to take out the boogeyman so to speak. That was supposed to be the one in two thousand nine and one. I guess against could be a lot of people still thought about that there's also the rafael dasani. That got canceled like three times. They should read book. I'm not mad at that fight. And i think it will settle a lot of the beef. They have between one another because it seems like rafael. Designers is not super impressed by islam. I thought he looked good on saturday against tiago moist says so both that fight has storyline behind it. You get to settle some beef that you guys have and then we can really see where islam is is. I think he's ranked him five. Now as the comment pointed out. And i know a lot of people were like shocked about that but i think he put on a good performance. I think he's worthy of a top ten contender at this point so those three names are pretty good. I would also have no problem if islam. Fob and you'll dare uche. I know they both managed by the same manager. Ali depends on because dare us wife just had their first child so if he's taken daddy time that's a different story. I know our colleague. Sean who just spoke of our with this heartbroken but he had he he puts the other like a mock lightweight card. Like if they did it. Just a lightweight car like they did one forty six. I think what's the car. All heavyweight card charles oliveira port the top just engaging. Michael chandler coleman dare us mahachi ferguson hooker. Rda gillespie and all said he would have no problem. If you did gates you dare using jailer. Mahachi if i don't have a problem with any of those fights because one five rules i think greg espy and brad rebel have also kind of been interested in rebuilding their fight against one another. I think brad rebels a fantastic fighter too but hooker. Rda sound fun ferguson. Like all these fights fund. I don't care just have them fight. I don't care who they bite so on on the real rankings enemy fighting's rankings. We have is ranked at number seven so that we made those rankings before his anything. I'm can't rankings. I think anything would have changed. I mean maybe he might bump up in front of fergus. Because we have ferguson. Right in front of him. I think yeah i think. Just the dominance of that that victory even with no lower ranked opponent our see. I could see my going. One spot but Yeah i as long as islam fights name. i'm happy and that's all that's what he needs needs by names and you hugger. Even the dan hooked up to. La's dan dan wants it. Whatever the name Rda's makes more sense about the dare use fight is if i really wanna see but i. That's the doubtful because of the management issues and chan chandler. What's gone just engage. He was going to kind radio. Sign it right. what's going on. I don't know if you watch interview with our good friend. Oscar for the mac life. He did an interview with dana white and he asked him straight up. Are you ready to announce chandler. And dan was like i want to. There's just a few things we gotta get through. I so it seems like that's the direction they're going what those things are things. Is it just me. Or i know. I wanna better hotel room. Like what are these things you know. I can tell you. Exactly what the thing he was referring to. It was a big fight between conor mcgregor and doesn't poor. He wanted to get past. I because speaking with cpi dana white like when he on these big. Pave you cards. There's a lotta fights that wanna get made that he just has to get through the pay per view fight week. I see the results of that before where he just can't focus on anything else. Which sides that fight week. Come on multitask. All right do is everybody at the sea and connor in denial. That doesn't want the trilogy. I knew dustin. Who's gonna win. Win was five months after usc. Fifty seven Yes we'll talk about connors recent posts about his ankle. He posted a bunch of photos about his ankle wrapped up. He said that he said he has chronic arthritis in his ankles which led which is like. I don't think he didn't say like this was the reason. But it kinda hinted at connor has his history of bad ankles and that's why his ankle broke but kristen. What do you make of all this new talk of connors fragile ankles and break is this. The new frontline mayweather has fragile hands conversation. I'm honestly surprised that we're still talking about it like weeks later. It's kind of a bummer. Because i'm wondering how effective all of this talk is on the perception of the fight itself especially when it comes to like a certain demographic where they fully believed that you know had he not been injured maybe he would have turned things around in the second round. I don't know but it's hot that all the stuff starts to come out. I'm not gonna lie was kind of interested when it first started to unravel and connor is like while the ufc. That i was injured. The doctor knew and let me start posting x-rays and whatnot. I'm like well. It's certainly interesting. I don't know if it adds anything to the narrative that you lost the fight so it's just been pretty weird that there's a lot of a lot of excuses coming out and i'm just genuinely shocked that we're talking about this and not really dustin pori got another win over arguably the biggest star of the usc has ever had. I think does a disservice to someone who is probably the best lightweight that the ufc has right now. Not counting charles oliveira and could be monumental. But he's gone. He's retired so. I don't know why we're doing this still. It's just very odd to me. why we're doing. It is because connor makes see a lot of lot of lot of la la the money. That's beat him. That's all if you didn't make him that much money they'd be like oh he lost moving on. I mean like. We didn't spend this much time. Talking about chris widener anderson silva when they broke their legs. Like it just happens shit like that happens in these fights. It's not. It's not a surprising thing but it's just like why is one person getting so much. Like benefited the dow as opposed to these other guys that legitimately snap their legs just in in a similar fashion but there wasn't a big Like stink about it money. Money money money money money. He also broke his to be or not as ankle. Anything like it was his leg that broke his ankle. As i guess like so like picking leg that broke in all the ankle imaging. He kept showing his ankle. He broke his leg. Tibia throwing reckless naked. Gigs at people's knees elbows good. So he broke his. It was a double fibula break. Nothing nothing in the ankle broke. So we're this weird He broke his leg not the articulating joint. As i said on twitter. I i apologize. I don't remember who said it and the difference may wear the broken hands thing. Floyd one those fights.

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