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Okay. So So Chris Matheson stole this idea from Joseph Smith interesting interesting, at least Chris Matheson's God has a reasonable excuse of insanity. Right. Okay. Yeah. No that's fair. All right. So let's talk about my early favorite here. From what I've seen in your notes, the book of Abraham what can you tell us about that one? Okay. The book of Abraham's a really fun on. Okay. I did a four part series on this because it's a book that just keeps on giving. But we need a little background for this. So Joe claimed that the book of Mormon was written by native Americans on book of gold plates in reformed Egyptian which I know I'm diving pretty deep down the crazy whole here. I know it, but but really when we're talking about Mormonism, you have no choice to talk about anything. You've got a dive deep into that. Crazy bowl. Take my hand walked down this journey. Yeah. So this book of gold plates written by native Americans in reformed. Egyptian Joe used a magic rock in a hat to translate it into Jacob an English like the King James bible. So as Mormonism gained popularity and picked up tabloids all throughout the early eighteen thirties. People began to hear about this wacky guy. Joe Smith who could. Read unknown languages, Egyptian was a popular subject of people were talking about. It was something of a mean that we could call it. Now historians today have actually coined the term Egypt o mania to describe western cultures fascination with ancient Egypt throughout this early to mid nineteenth century. So guy named Michael Chandler while.

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