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And last year kids died died between the ages of 8, 15 and 20 for a kid died of the flu. So four times more have died of the seasonal flu than of Govan 19 243 Kids died from suicide and 173 kids died from assault and homicide. Does reality matter? I question that. We're acting is if we're all about to die, I read the CDC report Friday night that this thing without comb abilities is under 1 10/1000 of 1%. Well under 1 10,000 of one. I can't divide one in 10,000 parts, but that's what the numbers and the state of Ohio in the general population. Including everyone from 0 to 105 the odds under 1/100 of 1% of the general population Diaco VAT 19, and that's what comb abilities. In addition and so There's something like 500 kids who die every year of drowning. When I don't think Laura Mitchell would say Let's drain the lakes and the swimming pools. Does she propose that? No, no. And I want you know, I'm always about trying to get some grace and mercy and I'm I'm sure she had good intentions when she did this, but she needs to step back. And she needs to look at the data. This is fear based. This has probably got influence from Communion. It's got some other things going on. But at the end of the day She needs to ask the parents, the student athletes and the people directly involved like the coaches and the athletic director's and the trainers and see what they think. And everyone wants to move forward else. They wouldn't show up every day. But you know what? You're not going to hear from them because nobody in CPS whether you're a teacher, the janitor approach whatever. You're not allowed to talk about this decision. In any kind of way saying that again, So if you speak about this, that's like a violation of your contract with CPS you could get there could be repercussions. So you're not gonna hear from anybody? On record about it, But I can tell you I have talked to not only you, no faculty members and teachers who understand, especially with thes kids, Cincinnati public's kids who come from traditionally inner city they're at risk, they might have financial hardships, different reasons. The importance of playing sports isn't just about throwing a ball. It isn't about swinging a golf club. It is much more. It's the mental health. It is the increases in academics to decrease in any kind of Problems at school. It is college scholarship opportunities. There are so many reasons why athletics is important fact on Cincinnati Public's own website, they listen entire section on advantages of athletic participation. And I quote it supports school's academic mission teaching students, self discipline, self confidence and the skills to handle competitive situations. I mean, it reduces dropout rates, according to them. It promotes values of positive lifestyle and good citizenship. All of this is from CPS. This decision, which, according to some board members, who are also off the record was made in a vacuum. And even though like I said, I will give grace and mercy that it was made with good intentions. It needs to be reversed. You know, Nicole Frederick. That was about six months ago, when we did not know what we had. I know in March, all hell was breaking loose. We're all going to die. The government told us 2.2 million Americans would pass away that eight million Americans who need hospitalization. The Duke Energy Center was commandeered to handle the overflow from the hospitals. The ambulances were lined up. The hospitals were cleaned out all of a sudden. Nothing. Nothing more. Nothing happened. The more fear was spread by politicians, especially Andy, but share in Kentucky to make us think we're going to die. It's awful and I look at the statistics six months later and I wash my hands. I wear a mask. I tend to avoid crowds because I fit the category of someone. Like Joe Fredericks getting quite old. I mean, Joe, I'm sure has lots of underlying grandpa. He's a grandpa. So I I get that and so, you know, there's a certain category of folks at auto pay more attention than other category of folks. The group nodded risk are between zero in 18 years old 12 million Ohioans. How many have died between zero and 18. To you, and I know one of them had severe underlying conditions. And of all these other breakouts. The media covers breathlessly whether it's Alabama or whether it's Miami. How many of those kids have actually gone to a hospital? The answer is zero. I mean, well, I'll tell you right now, my oldest daughter has it right now. And I, You know, she's she's isolated. We're doing a social responsible, saying she is not going out. She's self quarantining. You know, for 14 days, she feels a little She's a college student. She's 20 years old. She feels and she's lost him, taste and smell. But other than that, she's doing all of her schoolwork. She, you know, doing everything from her room, but she's alive and I feel like she's going to be alive. And I don't want to dismiss and trivialize those who did lose their lives. Because for some families, this is a really This is a real tragic thing, and I don't want to trivialize it. But what I do want to say is the over rotation of the protocols and all this stuff that we've all had to do. Wasn't really that necessary. No, it was that we're crashing the American economy. Nose rubbed the education of tens of millions of Children clear out all of the individuals from Christ in Jewish and all the other hospitals with all their diagnostic treatment. How many women are going to die of breast cancer? Undiagnosed? How many men are going to die of prostate cancer undiagnosed? How many cancer treatments.

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