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So let's we should just rattle that there's this guy who wants I shouldn't even take this call will from Ohio. I mean, these are awful option is the Bengals call. And you know, the Bengals in the reds are two of the most exciting teams that never win. The rest are one of the most history if not the most history program in the be the only team that go wire-to-wire and single baseball season and win the World Series. You're absolutely gone. I'm not letting not being a reds and Bengals fan. I will not even hear the argument. I mean, yeah. I would I would have you know, who is the name Bengals though, I think Sean Letham is a reds fan and Yasmine who used to produce dialed and without braid is a Bengals fan. I've never seen either one of them like happy about being awful. No, I wanna have fun. This is a prerequisite. I want to enjoy. Yes. You should be a fan of the warriors. You should be a fan of the patriots. Now. She can't we've taken okay, then you should be a fan of I said she needs an NBA team because the playoffs via Suns fan. Because we are going to be a fucking force to reckon with next year. So it's like you're not going to jump in. Now when the playoffs have already started. So you kind of want to clean slate. There's no cleaner slate in the NBA than the Phoenix maybe jump on right now in the NBA, the bucks. No. Because we're trying to I think we're still want to get I want that smoke. You know, she can't jump along Boston. You're gonna have Janas for the next fifteen, but you can't go to Milwaukee teams y'all just come to the office tomorrow..

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