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Yeah i wouldn't go eighty twenty but you know bella checks running a coaching staff and attention to detail handson no i think you put it in brady's hands in and brady and brady i think is done more with less than any quarterback in history and i think that they'd giving him a variety of shapes and sizes with his team an offense in and he's been able to somehow make those things work but i do think that the game plan that bella check puts into his hands has amplified ramped up beautiful brady's contribution here but he's still the greatest quarterback of all time i saw this headline in a has to do with the nfl ratings richard deitz from sports illustrated there's no sugar coating the news for the national football league when it comes to viewership the numbers are heading in the wrong direction and quickly sports business daily talked about the sunday night football viewership for that monday night football the thursday night package between nbc and cbs in the nfl network an amazon old declined for the secondstraight season but what also declined or some of the other shows that are non football related shows like the big bang theory is the second most popular show aside from sunday night poeple nobody saying anything about the big bang theory numbers being dow nobody's taken a knee in the body sheldon's on taking a knee in the big bang theory least i don't think so i've been watch any of the recent episodes but know.

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