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Lutely breaks for liverpool fans in minnesota vikings fans who in the space of a week have watched the two teams that they adore that they live for rump to predicted magical victories warm weekend and then the very next watched in horror as that teams heavilyfavored crap the bed with the world watching coaches make an observation when you say that you will halt leeds and you say this quite often on the part we could probably do some kind of audio search and find it you never show one more joy you type in roach allies yes you never have a bigger smile on your face the when you're talking about your harley may bleeding from funerals they don't laughing at the funeral essentially all quit your heart bleeding seems to make you happy in a way that it somehow good for you it brings you joy at the kids why saturday validates the media tony cog in the wheel it's an echo of the desperate slide down the hill i feel every day and i see play down this is subordinate logo is where it doesn't matter what sport you bought temur in and football sport you're playing in the idea of like being world pizzas wanda in the next day sort of unable to go and do anything's happened to every one yen as gfa pay picture at brand the mccarthy tweeted huge huge liverpool finally just tweeted did you start paying a liverpool found nine days ago they say this is the entire experience and he's right dave it must have had year can clock tearing his hair plugs out last night but it's have it but let's not make this just unliveable funds do have a way of making the entire thing just about them this isn't just what happens liveable this happens to every single team in football camp affiliate is an old unique cluster liveable it happened in such compressed repetitive fashion to experience every emotion in the panorama of human existence.

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