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Hopefully stay the same did Would have a nice memories Well a few voices they're daniel alberta contadora talking specifically about two sage thinking that the the claim before could also be crucial by making the point that it is one of the lost chances for movie star on any us to really take the race to raw glitch. It is rich but we also heard a few of the most famous moments famous episodes. That have occurred some comedy clips at lowe's covadonga warn. The people don't generally mio inder on put into the side of the road hotel. The hotel capitan the bottom of legacy donga in nineteen ninety-six. No one at the time that he was retiring from psyching. They thought he was retiring from them. They'll even injury. But you know what i was really reminded of that moment and even the style of the shot the other day when on the state of the bulk on the alicante. One hundred our daewoo. We talked about it at the time. Didn't we the pathos of this shot this moment. Where lewis a motorbike. Come on a most bike. The i think it was a couple of happens up the mountain. They found a gap in the trees and they managed show him getting off his bike course of solving on his bike and the moment was kind of that time where he was from a helicopter. But it was. It was something that i guess. The the cost wasn't expecting either that he pulled off the side of the road into this hotel. Carpark any became a very very significant. I've gotten used for you. Daniel valverde's bachan startled feeder day so after surgery. So i'm i don't think variety is Is retiring. we had come to that from nineteen ninety seven course famous ritchie for pavel. Tonkov who.

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