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Obviously we witnessed reporter is somewhat do i worked for as so bleak time that would be contacting the bar association billion keep away to say how i need to do what i've already told the court i was going to do because it because it sounds good you are this is a waste of time on told the court the unconcerned about mayan location there might don't need council telling me about it because i as i said yesterday i would not risk would not risk my reputation for any case it was snag grass who protested smith and jim irs request to have the rape kits samples and retha welsh his murder case tested in 2010 she argued both orally and in writing that virgil had no right tab is case looked at again even with lateyear leaps and dna testing that had occurred since 1987 really clear that that is needed see if he was telling the truth she said in a letter said hey can we test this pretty pleased and suddenly you're late said now cast doubt what was the legal justification for them saying now we're not going to do that without a court order um it's hard for me to set her arguments without a touch of sarcasm had but i think her argument would be that you know there wasn't anything specifically in the law that allowed the outcome and that he was found guilty fair square and we don't even need to look into this they said now in that way filed a motion to ask the court to release the evidence and two thousand eleven snack russ told the inquirer that she objected to the testing because there was no new evidence in virtual case and only people sentenced to death had a right under kentucky law to postconviction dna testing on existing evidence virgil wasn't sentenced to death he was sentenced to seventy years snag rest told me she can't comment on the case because it's again considered open fortunately occur high ethical old there's not really much i can say about it because of the status of it at this point in time so it is being actively investigate it again.

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