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Says it happened on Holly drive west in the Annapolis area a family was inside including a mother father and their child and when emergency crews got there the tree was on top of the home The family was trapped Crews were able to rescue the mother and the child but the father did not survive the fire department says the child has minor injuries and the mother was seriously injured She was taken to the hospital in critical condition And still ahead in money news Almost 400 points Last call for a local beer restaurant I'm Jeff Gable One 48 Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Ian Crawford in the traffic center Again a major situation on the BW Parkway caused by a vehicle fire northbound outside the beltway after NASA Goddard northbound has been at a stop for about an hour now Southbound traffic had to be limited as to how things got by because of the fire and the fire apparatus the delays southbound start after one 98 going through Laurel and they remain heavy and steady past one 97 pass powder mill road and past the crash and vehicle fire area before things start to break away near the ramp for NASA Goddard In a word don't use the BW Parkway right now really between Laurel and the capitol beltway Northbound delays begin inside the belly you're even having trouble getting onto the inner and outer loop of the beltway because of this ongoing fire response northbound BW Parkway after NASA Goddard The rest of the Maryland ride far less dramatic on the outer loop of the capitol beltway is where we find the mobile work once again after Annapolis road route four 50 blocking a left lane We also had some debris in the roadway outer loop near college park hopefully that has been removed from the center of the roadway new report of debris inner loop near the BW Parkway blocking the right side watch for that stay left to get by it On the Virginia side on the outer loop the work zone after the GW Parkway a left lane blocked there delay still going back across the leech and bridge hopefully they're going to be clearing this in the next hour or so on the GW Parkway bolt to rankings between one 23 and spout run a single left lane getting by the work zone in each direction Our crash activity eastbound 66 near the capitol bellway now shouldered right and should be just about a thing of the past We still have a work crew westbound on 66 before glee road and after glee bro two after exit 71 with the right lane block east bounders in west batters on 66 outside the beltway near one 23 you'll find work east batters left latest walk west banners the right lane is blocked district travel We had a crash outbound New York avenue near South Dakota avenue Hopefully that now removed from the center of the roadway Protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home paramount pest control for a free inspection 8 8 8 8 8 8 home or home paramount dot com Ian Crawford WTO traffic And now to storm team fours Samara Theodore increasing clouds at times breezy conditions with winds gusting upwards of 30 mph but we are dry today Highs will be in the low to mid 50s for your Tuesday Tonight mostly clear another coal night with temperatures down into the 30s but by tomorrow we're in the low 60s with tons of sunshine Thursday high temperatures.

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