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Good morning. Everyone sixty degrees in Chicago. A little bit of fog and mist with rain has moved out of the area. Chicago police are questioning the mother and the father of newborn baby that was found abandoned on the northwest side this week a woman and her daughter discovered the baby in the neighborhood on top of garbage can the baby was wrapped in a blanket and his umbilical cord was still attached. It is possible that both of these teens could face charges. Chicago police have arrested at thirteen year veteran of the department WGN's Vic Vaughn has that officer Cory deans, his accused of inappropriate contact with at least three women without consent on separate occasions while on duty. Prosecutors have charged him with four felony counts. Tobacco-related battery. And official misconduct and two misdemeanor counts of battery. He's being held in lieu of two hundred thousand dollars bail, Vic Vaughn WGN. Usually get police say third person has been arrested in connection with a shooting at a Denny's restaurant in Plainfield that resulted in a fatality Christopher Parker of Chicago's taken into custody on charges of first degree murder robbery and armed robbery and is being held on five million dollars bail, Gregory Brown junior of crest hill was fatally shot in the parking lot of the Denny's back on April the thirtieth. The Senate intelligence committee has subpoenaed Donald Trump junior to ask questions about his previous testimony into Russian election. Interference people familiar with the subpoenas. Speaking on condition of anonymity say the committee wants Trump junior to answer questions about his twenty seventeen testimony to the panel. It's the first known subpoena of a member of President Trump's immediate family. It's unclear if Trump junior will comply with the subpoena, a person close to the president's Elvis son says Trump junior has been. Cooperating by producing documents in answering written questions, Mike Kemp in Washington. Several groups opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana, we're at the state capital in Springfield yesterday. Illinois association of chiefs of police president Stephen seltzer is concerned about impaired driving law enforcement has no way to prosecute that person for driving under the influence. There is no test out there right now currently that we can do this. And these people want to shove this down or throat and get a pass. And we can't take any kind of action. If somebody in one of your loved ones is harming a traffic accident. This is insane. Lawmakers working on the Bill that they are open to suggestions. And now we've got your GM community corners. Here's Ryan burrow in the thirty six hundred block of north Talmon in Chicago stance. The fire pitch during the outdoor season. April through November the facility has to full sized eleven v eleven soccer fields with the ability to run multiple adult and you seventy seven and nine thousand nine games between December and April. They erected air supported dome and put lights over the turf fields that don't. Covering about one hundred thousand square feet, the fields or vailable for rental all year long. I'm Ryan burrow with community quarters that WGN radio update on WGN sports with Marquardt cubs are now a season, high eight games over five hundred there were once one and six and then two and seven they get it done again last night three to over the Marlins as Jason Heyward wins it in the eleventh walk off Homer to the opposite field. Good pitching performance. From Kyle Hendricks did not get the win. As the cubs. Bullpen did. Give up a run in the ninth inning. Carl Edwards junior ended up getting the w and Addison Russell back on the field. Some booze is first at bat. And then when he struck out even more so for three with a walk for Russell, Jose Ramirez. A two run Homer. With two outs in the night to win it for Cleveland over the White Sox five to three of that series continuing this afternoon. Many Ben Wales on the mound for the socks. The brewers are rolling six wins in a row the national seven three sweeping that series Christian yelich his NFL leading sixteenth home run on the season. Kevin durant? Does not look like. The play in game six of the warriors and rockets there one four ninety nine the worst did win last. I take a three games to to leave. But Durant left the game with a calf strain in the third quarter Milwaukee eliminated. Boston won sixteen Ninety-one San Jose over Colorado. Three two in the Stanley Cup playoffs in game seven charts advancing to play Saint Louis Lamour Carmen, WGN sports. I it use mega we had them a couple years ago. We had a back decker put on. They did a terrific camp. They were trustworthy and that by call them. Again. We're talking today with customer JoAnne, Bigwood of Skokie. We asked them to come in and put in a walk in shower in place of the day at the situation. And they said they could do it. We told me to go ahead. My head a few problems, but they overcame them. One of them was to get the bathtub about without damaging the vanity which was encased in tile. And they did that I thought it was amazing. I've spent out pictures of it to my children, they need to know everything they said it looked pretty one mega call..

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